What is an original copy?

In everyday life, we will surely encounter the need to copy and notarize documents. But what are you? Where is the original copy? Which units have the function and authority to duplicate the original? Find out with webgiaidap.com right in the following article!

What are you?

Duplicate, also known as duplicating the original, means copying the original document into many different copies, these copies need to be certified by the competent authority that they are accurate and identical to the original. In there:

Originals, also known as originals herein, are papers and documents issued for the first time by a competent agency or organization, re-issued, or re-issued upon re-registration; papers and documents prepared by the individual with certification and seal of the competent agency or organization exactly like the content in the original

The papers that often need to be duplicated are the important papers of each person and can only have one original such as birth certificate, household registration, marriage certificate… or contracts, important documents of companies. , enterprise…


According to the law, we can divide duplication into 2 types according to the language on the document to be duplicated:

Duplicate Vietnamese text Duplicate text with foreign elements. Used a lot in cases where you need to exit, or work with foreign units that need to prove your identity. In this case, both translation and notarization of the original will be included. For example, with a birth certificate in Vietnamese, to make a copy you need to translate that document into English and have a notarized copy that the translated document has the exact same content and is the same as the original by the competent authorities. permission.

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Which agency has the authority to certify copies?

According to Vietnamese law, the agencies competent to certify copies include:

Vietnamese documents: People’s Committees of wards or higher (including People’s Committees of wards, communes, districts and districts) and notary offices. Documents with foreign language elements: People’s committees from district level or more (including district People’s Committees) and notary offices.

In which, for People’s Committees, it is necessary to seal and signature of the authenticator who is the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Committee. For notary offices, it is necessary to seal and signature of the notary who is the head or deputy head of the notary office.

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Note: Legal notary offices are non-business units under the Department of Justice, established by the provincial People’s Committees or units established by notaries in accordance with state regulations.

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Where is the original copy?

With the information about the competent authority to authenticate the copy above, you can make a copy of the original at:

People’s committees from the ward level or higher (with Vietnamese documents) or from the People’s Committees of the district or higher level (with documents with foreign elements) in your locality. Or you can go to public or private notary offices. In case you need a copy in another location, not your permanent residence, it is more reasonable to go to the notary office.


Hopefully with the above useful information, you have clearly understood what a copy is, as well as know which authorities should go to to get a copy of the original. If you have any questions about what duplication is as well as issues surrounding this topic, please comment below so we can discuss more!

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