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Android NDK (Native Development Kit) aka development kit Android app source code programming language support Native Code, besides executing the program code on the Java Virtual Machine platform. NDK provides APIs, libraries that directly access the hardware devices of the system running the Android operating system such as: sensors, input data, camera hardware information, etc. Developed for the purpose of serving the special needs of programmers when they need to manipulate heavy and complex processing related to improving the performance of the program, the NDK is not suitable for most of the time. Most Android developers are familiar with the APIs provided by the Android SDK. However, in the following 2 cases, NDK is a mandatory solution:

Increase processing speed, improve hardware access performance, reduce latency between program and system hardware response.Reuse libraries written and provided by system written in C/C++

How to implement C/C++ library for android application.

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With maximum support for users of Android Studio version 2.2 and above, the problem of importing libraries written in C/C++ into Android projects developed in Java or Kotlin languages ​​becomes simple and economical. Over time, Android Studio will automatically package the system’s native libraries and create endpoints that allow Java and Kotlin to call and execute these APIs. You can learn how to work and configure Gradle’s build system through the following build configuration guide link: “Configure Your Build

Download Android NDK and support tools.

To be able to use and debug errors in the process of developing android applications with C/C++, your computer must have the following support packages installed:

Android Native Development Kit: toolkit for encapsulating and creating language-enabled endpoints Java/Kotlin can directly call system libraries written in C/C++.

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CMake: an open source library and tool that helps users build C/C++ source codes into system libraries.LLDB: a tool for catching and debugging code written in Native Code.

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To ease the installation problem for users, in the tools menu of Android Studio, there is a shortcut to automatically install these tool packages. You just need to access the following path:

Tools > Android > SDK Manager.Click on SDK tools tab.Check on LLDB, CMakeand NDK as shown below. Then select Apply and Ok when the installation is complete


Install NDK in Android


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