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approach /ə”proutʃ/ noun nearness, nearnesseasy of approach: easy to get to (location); approachable (person)difficult of approach: hard to get to (location); difficult to approach (person) approximation, approximationsome approach to truth: something that is almost the truth the way to, the entrancethe approach to a city: entrance to the city (plural) (military) way to enter the enemy line; trenches to get close to enemy positions poll; contact to ask questions how to start solving, how to start solving (a problem) (mathematics) approximation; approximationapproach velocity: approximate speed solicitation (woman) verb come close, come close, come closewinter is related: Winter is coming almosthis eccentricity approaches to madness: his eccentricity is almost crazy poll; contact to ask questionsto approach someone on some matter: to consult someone about something? begin to solve (a problem) solicit (woman)
phenomenological approach: phenomenological approachsystem approach: systems approach approach approach approach path: approach point approach speed: approach speed approach zone: approach heuristic approach: grounding approach speed: approach speed phenomenological approach: phenomenological approach reference landing approach speed: standard landing approach speed (engine off) system approach: systems approach system approach working approach angle: working approach angle Area: math & graphic approximation: graph approximation probabilistic approach: probabilistic approximation radial approach: tiastatistical approximation Domain: medicine Approach Field: mechanical & engineering approach Approach angle of approach approach approach approach light l approach analytic approach (outdoor) approaches to investing behavior bottom-up approach to investing bottom-up investment approach product approachcommodity-by-commodity approach ecofunctional approach method (research by) functional group approach group approach piecemeal approach sales approach top-down market approach investing approach to top-down investment approach. top-down approach to investing top-down investment approach value approach valuation method

Specialized Dictionary of Sports: Volleyball


Reaching the net, entering the momentum

Specialized Dictionary Sports: Volleyball

APPROACH : a fast run towards theby a spiker before he jumps in the air. <14th century. Via Old French aproch(i)er

INTO DA RED: move quickly from afar to close to the net before jumping. 1. entry ( dt ) : move to the inner position 2. momentum ( dt ): the forward strength to move up stronger. yes>


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Collocation Dictionary

approach noun

1 way of dealing with sb/sth

ADJ. conventional, orthodox, traditional | alternative, different, fresh, new, novel We need to try alternative approaches to the problem. | cautious, conservative | creative, innovative | flexible | direct, no-nonsense, positive, practical, pragmatic, problem-solving, rational, useful | indirect | formal | informal | right | wrong | analytical, scientific, structured, systematic, theoretical | holistic, integrated | basic, general | objective | simple

VERB + APPROACH have Some teachers have a more formal approach to teaching. | adopt, develop, take, try, use We need to adopt a more pragmatic approach. | favorite, prefer She favored the direct approach.

PREP. ~ big I liked her approach to the problem

2 act of coming nearer

VERB + APPROACH make The aircraft had to make a steep approach to the landing strip.

PREP. at the ~ of The children fell silent at the approach of their teacher. | with the ~ of The weather turned colder with the approach of autumn. | ~ big The plane crashed during its approach to the runway.

3 discussion with sb in order to ask them for sth

VERB + APPROACH make | have, receive

PREP. ~ from We”ve received an approach from the director of a rival firm. | ~ big We”ll have to make an approach to the managing director.

WordNet Dictionary


a close approximation

the nearest approach to genius


make advances to someone, usually with a proposal or suggestion

I was approached by the President to serve as his adviser in foreign matters

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Oil and Gas Field Glossary

The number of degrees temperature difference between the hot fluid inlet and cold fluid outlet, or between the hot fluid outlet and cold fluid inlet, measure is smaller.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

approaches|approached|approachingsyn.: access advance come near entrance inlet passagewayant.: leave part separate

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