What is banking finance?

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During the enrollment season in recent years, the industry Banking and Finance It is one of the majors that many students are interested in learning and choosing. In which, what is the banking and finance industry? What do you do after leaving school? is the most asked question when you learn about the potential industry group of the financial sector. What is Banking and Finance? What is graduation? Together we will answer questions and concerns through the article below. Hopefully, candidates and parents who are looking to choose a career for their children have a more general view of this major. Thereby, there will be right decisions for future work.

What is banking finance?

This is a rather broad discipline that deals with all services of financial transactions, circulation and operations of money. Banking and financial sectorcan be divided into many different specialized fields such as banking, corporate finance, tax finance, insurance finance More specifically, banking finance is a form of business related to monetary matters through issuing bank and financial instruments for domestic and international payment and settlement.


Students learn in a dynamic environment, in addition to specialized knowledge, they also develop their own skills

Students studying Banking and Finance will be provided with knowledge about finance, issue of stocks and bonds, raise capital, and advise businesses on capital market activities such as buying and selling, business merger.

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In addition, at training universities banking and financial sector such as Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics, University of Finance – Marketing, Banking University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH), University of Economics and Finance, Ho Chi Minh City. Students are also focused on developing professional skills such as analysis and forecasting related to finance and currency in order to make decisions in financial management, financial analysis and investment. capital market, money market in the process of globalization.

What do you do when you graduate from banking and finance?

Faced with the society’s demand for human resources in the banking and finance industry, students after graduation can take up a number of positions such as money manager and trade finance specialist, credit specialist, appraisal and credit risk manager, individual customer specialist with a salary ranging from 8 to 10 million VND/month depending on capacity. In addition, a bachelor of finance and banking can work at agencies and companies as a tax officer, in charge of salaries, or can also work at securities and insurance companies…More Working in the financial sector, you have the opportunity to assert yourself and have good promotion opportunities to become a manager or chief financial officer.


After graduation, students will be able to work in many different positions in banks and credit institutions

In order to take on the job of a future finance and banking professional, the training programs of the schools must create conditions for students to practice in addition to learning theory. For example, at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, it has prepared for the future of students in the field of Finance and Banking through the signing of cooperation agreements with big banks such as Sacombank, Agribank, ViettinBank… Especially, HUTECH is This is because it is the only training center in the country with a model of “banking in schools” to support, train and supplement the necessary knowledge for students to confidently undertake practical jobs. From the information provided, you probably have the answer to your question What is Banking and Finance? What do you do after leaving school? However, are you suitable for the Banking and Finance industry? Which combination of subjects does the Banking and Finance major look for? …are questions you must continue to answer if you want to pursue a career in Banking and Finance in the future

What is Banking and Finance?

Banking and finance is an industry related to all financial transaction services, money circulation and operation, through banks and financial instruments issued by banks for guarantee, payment, payment. domestic and international payments. This industry provides labor for finance, insurance, and banking companies


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