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What is Barcode? What are the advantages of barcode? How many types of Barcode? 1D Barcode (1D Barcode?) 2D Barcode (What is 2D Barcode)

When barcode printing technology becomes more and more popular and popular, we often hear the term Barcode. However, do you actually understand what Barcode is? How are their classifications, characteristics and specific applications? If you are still wondering, let’s follow the article below of thietbibanhanghn to discover it.

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What is Barcode? What are the advantages of barcodes?

Besides questions like What is QR code?? many people wonder What is Barcode??

In fact, Barcode is also known as a pure Vietnamese name rather than a barcode. This is considered a method used to identify and represent data based on a code or number for an object through an image.

Structure create barcodes will consist of a series of parallel, alternating and small black and white lines (bars). They are arranged according to certain encoding rules so that the information can be read by a scanner or barcode reader. Currently, similar to QR code, Barcoder is often shown on the surface of products and goods that we can see by humans. This is also the answer to the question: What is Barcode?? Hay What is of barcodes? that you might be looking for.


What is Barcode?

What is the meaning of the numbers on the Barcode?

If the Barcode starts with a 0 it is a standard UPC number. If the code starts with a 1 then it is called a random weight item, for example: meat, fruit or vegetable.If the item has Barcodes that start with the number 3 are pharmaceuticals.

How many types of barcodes are there?

Currently, on the market, people divide Barcode into 2 main types: 1D barcode (Barcode 1D) and 2D barcode (Barcode 2D).

1D Barcode (1D Barcode?)

1D barcodes are also known as routing barcodes. They are actually a collection of parallel vertical lines and spaces. The reason people say this is a 1-D Barcode is because almost all data is encoded in horizontal width. Accordingly, their height is not important, but only plays a role in making scanning more convenient.


What is 1D barcode?

In this type of Barcode, there are many different types of barcodes such as:

UPC Barcode

This is the first line of barcodes used by the US supermarket industry in the coding of retail products. They are considered to be a very popular character format in the US, Canada and another country in the world.

UPC usually consists of 2 main parts:

Barcode part: Produced by parallel line images of varying sizes for the scanner.Part number: Does not include letters or special characters, but only a sequence of 12 numbers.

Specifically, the number part of the UPC barcode means:

First number: It ranges from 0 to 7. Of which number 5 is for coupons, number 4 is for retailers, number 3 is for items related to the health sector, and number 2 is for meat and agricultural products. property; Numbers 0, 6 and 7 can be used for all other goods of the manufacturer.Next 5 numbers: Used to represent the manufacturer’s code. They are assigned numbers by the competent authorities.Next 5 numbers: This is the item code that the seller attaches to their merchandise. Last number: This is the number used to check the accuracy of the entire UPC number sequence. EAN-13 Barcode – What is Barcode?

This is a type of barcode (Barcode) developed around 1976 in Europe. They are used globally but are most popular in Japan.

On the Vietnamese market, you must be a member of the Vietnam Barcode Association (EAN Vietnam) to use this barcode for your product.


What is Code 11? Barcode EAN-8

This is a shortened Barcode of the EAN-13 code. They are now used for retail product encryption. EAN-8 can only represent numeric data of 7 digits and 1 check digit.

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Barcode Code 128

Barcode Code 18 were born and developed around 1981. They can represent both numeric and character data. At the same time, depending on the size of the label or the limitation of the barcode reader, there will be an appropriate number of letters and characters. Currently, this type of barcode is widely applied in the manufacturing, distribution, health and military industries.

Barcode Code 39

Although developed after two types of UPC and EAN, but Code 39 is the most common alphanumeric barcode. This type of barcode possesses a tremendous capacity to store information, so they are very popular in manufacturing and retailing.

Code 39’s character set will include all uppercase letters, numbers from 0 to 9 and 7 other special characters.

Barcode 2 of 5

This is the type of Barcode that is only used to encode numbers, not characters. The advantage of a 2 of 5 barcode lies in its variable length. At the same time, thanks to the ability to be highly compressed, this type of code will store a large amount of information.

2D Barcode (What is 2D Barcode)

This type of barcode is encoded in both horizontal and vertical. So in a small space it is possible to increase the amount of encrypted information.


1D and 2D barcodes are the 2 main types that are very popular today

This type of Barcode possesses outstanding advantages such as:

2D barcodes can be printed in small sizes to be placed on ‘super mini’ items. 2D technology allows this type of 2D Barcode to encode large amounts of information in a small area without the need for a database. In particular, they possess the ability to scan long-range even with low-resolution printers.

The main types of 2D barcodes include:

Stacking CodeAlso known as Stacked Code. Some typical lines of this code type are: Code 16K, Code 49, PDF-417. Matrix code Typical names of this type of code such as: Data Matrix, Maxicode, Softstrip, QR code …

What are the preeminent characteristics of Barcodes?

It is no coincidence that Barcodes are widely applied in all areas of life, especially in goods management and control, .. They possess outstanding advantages such as:

Help increase work efficiency, reduce labor, save time through automatic identification to replace manual recording. With standardized structure, Barcodes allow accurate identification of goods and services. service,..This barcode helps to collect and provide information more quickly. Thanks to the efficiency, accuracy, and fast information, Barcodes help satisfy customers in terms of time, accuracy, quantity, type, and quality. Thanks to the use of machines. Barcode scanning is simple, so the number of employees will be greatly reduced and work efficiency will be increased. Improved inventory control becomes more accurate and faster. Barcode generation is so quick and easy. It has helped businesses save costs significantly.

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Barcode possesses many preeminent features and is applied in all areas of life

What types of information can Barcode encode?

In fact, Barcoder offers the ability to encode a variety of information into professional barcodes. Featured as:

Part Numbers Vendor ID Numbers, Manufacturer ID Numbers Item Serial Number and Serial Number Process Order Number Asset Identifier Purchase Order Number

Here is all the information to help you better understand What is Barcode?? As well as better understand their characteristics and classification to make it easier to find goods and products as well as manage inventory. Thank you for following this post! Goodbye and see you in the next sharing.

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