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Parents can use Bingo games to help their children learn math, learn English, practice vocabulary, enhance reading skills, learn and accumulate background knowledge.

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What is Bingo game?

This is a hugely popular game in western countries. The rules of the game are very simple. It can help children review anything, from language to math, history… Everyone can play together, regardless of level. And most of all, you can completely create your own Bingo game.


An empty Bingo board (Image: Planning Play Time)

Rules of Bingo

Each player will receive a large card (Bingo board) with squares containing words, phrases, numbers or pictures. Each child receives a Bingo board. The contents of the cells are the same, only the order of the cells is different. The administrator reads a request, such as finding a word, solving a calculation or finding a picture that corresponds to the description. The player must find the corresponding match box and then mark it. You can use the “tick” or color the entire box. If you find 5 words forming a vertical/horizontal/diagonal line or find 4 points in the 4 corners, the player shouts “Bingo” and wins the game. win.


Winning Types of Bingo Game. (Photo: DAV Bingo)

Variations of Bingo Rules

Replace the words on the Bingo board with pictures. Do not read the name/picture included in each square, but give hints to guess which square contains the word/picture. Change the number of squares in the Bingo board . Team up with 2 people. This will be an opportunity for children to practice cooperation skills. The faster 2 people find the word will increase the attractiveness of the game. When the child finds 5 squares forming a vertical/horizontal/diagonal row, ask the child to do something with these 5 squares. For example: make a sentence, create a new story, write a short paragraph using the words found…

Bingo game application when accompanying your child

And if you want to apply Bingo game to make your child enjoy reading more, read books more deeply, use more language, see “Creating reading challenges with Bingo”.


A Bingo board with visual vocabulary, Halloween theme (Photo: Windhamcoop).

Create reading challenges with Bingo

1. Games with words from stories

Define: Read aloud the definition of a word in the book. Children will find the word on the Bingo board. Or read the word aloud and ask your child to find its definition on the board.Vocabulary with pictures: This version helps test children’s ability to hear words and choose the right picture on the Bingo board. Will work best with words that can be easily illustrated with pictures.

> Let’s start by having kids create their own Bingo board

> Use pictures of selected vocabulary groups in the story.

> Choose a word and read it to your child. Do not let your child see the word or the picture that represents the word.

> Children will use listening skills to choose the correct picture on the Bingo board.

Look at the word selection of pictures: You choose one word at a time and show the child how the word is spelled. Children read the word aloud. The child then marks/colors the picture representing the word on the Bingo board.Synonym: Instead of a discrete list of unrelated words, show your child three or four words that have similar meanings at the same time.

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> First, children will fill in the Bingo board with words from the book they have just read.

> You will choose a synonym for each word, read it aloud.

> Children will have to find synonyms and then mark the correct box on the board.

> Do not tick the word you have read even though it is present in a cell of the Bingo table.

Antonym: Same when playing Bingo synonyms.


Bingo game helps children practice Sight words (Photo: Sight Words Bingo)

2. Game with story content

Instead of words, you’ll use the information your child gets from the book to play with. Specifically, you give your child a Bingo board. Fill in each box with brief information about each event in the story. You can:

Read aloud a clue about the situation in the story so that your child can find it on the Bingo board. Show the child a picture of the situation. Children will find the box with information about the situation on the Bingo board. Or give the child information about the situation. And the children will find the corresponding picture on the Bingo board. Say a sentence containing the word/phrase related to the situation and ask the child to find it. Describe a situation that happened before/after and ask the child to find the situation. exact situation in the Bingo table cell.


The Bingo game board template can be applied to the characters in the story. (Photo: Pinterest)


Bingo board game with phrases from Shakespeare’s work (Image: Bingo Card Printer).

Bingo games help make reading a habit and hobby for children

It will be very effective if you use Bingo to plan a summer reading or a long holiday. Of course, it can be applied to the whole school year.

With this form of Bingo table, reading goals will be specified in each cell. For example: read a 100-page book; read 1 award-winning book; read a book to you, read a book about summer…

There are countless ideas that you can fill in the Bingo boards with your child. After taking and completing a challenge, the child will mark/color the board. Give your child a nice little reward she enjoys to boost her morale and recognize her efforts in reading.


Refer to a table of Bingo games to create a habit of reading for your child (Template: TimVandevall).

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A simplified version of the Bingo board for younger children (Table Template: Pinterest).

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