What is biodiversity

Biodiversity is the richness of many forms, species and genetic variations of all organisms in natural life, this diversity and abundance is divided into many levels of biological organization, especially with the ecological forms of the environment on earth. BILLIONThe term biodiversity also covers the degree of variation in the natural world of which organisms are the constituent units.

You can learn more about the concept of biodiversity, the value of biodiversity as well as specific causes and measures to limit biodiversity loss in the article below!


What is biodiversity?? Biodiversity is to include many forms and individuals of species along with genetic variations of the biological worldas well as many forms of levels of biological organization, especially in the form of ecosystems in all terrestrial environments, this concept also includes degrees of variation in the natural world of which the constituent unit is creatures.

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In which the beneficial values ​​of biodiversity includes the diversity and distinctiveness of living organisms including the ecological complexes in which they exist. In addition, the diversity of biology is also defined in a definite number with many different objects, the value of which is also expressed at their specified frequencies, and is represented by many different levels. and they range from the complex to the chemical structures that are the molecular basis of the genetic world. We can also learn more about their diversity and abundance in the world or more specifically in Vietnam.

Biodiversity of our country is not directly reflected in the decline in the number, species composition, ecosystem type and genetic resources, not in the distribution of organisms.

Threat of biodiversity loss in the world

Learning about the concept of biodiversity is what we can learn more about the general situation in the world today, in which there are 3 situations and 3 main concerns that have been identified up to the present time. The risk of biodiversity is being reduced below the safe level.


Marine fish or coral resources will be seriously degraded and depleted

This risk may occur first in the Asia and Pacific region, in which statistical estimates show that fish stocks may be depleted between now and 2048 if fishing practices remain unchanged. 90% of coral species will be seriously degraded from now until 2020 due to natural objective factors about climate change, you can learn more about the concept What is Climate Change

Species and their habitats will disappear

In parallel with the loss of biodiversity in the world is the disappearance of about 45% of species as well as their habitats from now until 2020 if the trend of biodiversity Learning cannot be reversed in the forward-looking period.

The risk of continent loss from about 15% of flora and fauna

Learn about the most common causes of loss What is plant biodiversity? to animals is that we face the risk of losing about 15% of flora and fauna, of which the present marshes have reduced to only half.

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Some birds and mammals up to 50% off

This is really an alarming number when you want to find a way to overcome the loss of biodiversity, especially the decline of bird and mammal species that occurs strongly in the African region today. species are in danger of becoming extinct.


Thus, with the general situation of biodiversity, the world is facing many risks of loss of species diversity from plants to animals in different continents up to the present time and in the future.

According to data given in recent studies by the World Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 7,291 out of 47,677 species in the world are threatened with extinction, including 21% of mammals, 30% amphibians, 35% invertebrates and 70% plants.

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Current status of biodiversity in Vietnam

More specifically, our country, the biodiversity loss in Vietnam There are also unfavorable developments in the future and it is our duty to look at these realities to grasp the situation.


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