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What is biomass fuel, biomass?

Biomass, biomass is a term used to refer to organic substances, the product of photosynthesis on the earth’s surface. The source of all biomass energy is the sun, biomass is like a kind of chemical energy store. Biomass includes chemical and physical transformation processes and will be released as heat in the atmosphere. To use biomass for our energy needs, exploiting this energy source is quite simple, the simplest way we know is to use a fire to generate heat to provide heat for cooking, heating or cooking. indoor air heating. A more sophisticated technology for using this energy source is to convert the chemical energy present in the biomass into some useful form of heat in a very efficient way.

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What is Biomass?

What is the application of biomass?

Biomass contains chemical energy, a source of solar energy accumulated in plants through photosynthesis. Biomass is agricultural residues (rice husk, firewood, sawdust, cashew shells, sawdust pellets, agricultural by-products…), forestry wastes (dry leaves, wood chips…), waste paper, methane from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, manure from livestock and poultry farms.

Biomass fuel can be in the form of solid, liquid, gas … burned to release energy. Biomass, especially wood, wood charcoal provides a significant share of the world’s energy. At least half of the world’s population relies on biomass as its main source of energy. Humans have used them for heating and cooking for thousands of years. Currently, wood is still used as a popular fuel in developing countries.

Biomass can also be converted into liquid fuels such as methanol, ethanol used in internal combustion engines; or into biogas for application for energy needs at household scale.


Sawdust pellets

Introduction to biomass fuel in Vietnam

Vietnam is a tropical monsoon country, with a lot of sunshine and rain, so biomass grows quickly. Three-quarters of the territory is forest land, so the potential for timber development is great, moreover, Vietnam is an agricultural country, so the source of agricultural by-products is rich and with a lot of reserves, this source is increasing with the development. Agriculture and Forestry.

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As an agricultural country, Vietnam has great potential for biomass energy. The main types of biomass in our country are: firewood, waste from agricultural crops, livestock waste, urban waste and other organic waste. According to calculations, the total potential and ability to exploit biomass energy sources for energy and electricity from the above sources is about 134 million tons, and can be exploited from 698-781 MW of electricity.

We can briefly introduce the basic types of biomass in Vietnam as follows:

Reserves of rice husks, rice straw and peanuts. beans, maize… the largest in Vietnam, mainly distributed in large deltas such as the Mekong Delta. Red River Delta, Central Coastal Plain. New timber, taken from the forest, afforestation activities or from woodworking processes.Agricultural waste: waste generated from the process of harvesting or agricultural treatment (bagasse, rice husk, straw…). Leftover food: from production activities, preparation and handling of food and drink or from household waste.Agricultural waste and by-products: from manufacturing and industrial processes.It does not include organic substances that have been converted by geological processes into substances such as coal or oil. Efficient use of biomass energy is a matter of world concern in order to partly reduce the pressure on fuel use. Biomass in Our country has a lot of existence in the form of agricultural waste such as: rice husks, straw, peanut shells, peanut charcoal, corn, coconut shells, sawdust, bagasse… Except bagasse as fuel for burning boilers, types p Other by-products have not been exploited effectively.

Technology for production and use of biomass fuel

In the field of industrial boilers: biomass fuel is used as fuel for boilers such as chain grate boilers, fluidized bed boilers, stationary grate boilers…

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