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The combination of body anatomy, sexual orientation, and gender identity chart (the ability to self-identify one’s own gender) has made the gender identification of an individual extremely diverse. and wrapped in the concept of male and female as before. In which the determination of Bisexual signs is more difficult.

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What is bisexual?

According to BS. Vo Duy TamMen’s Health Center for MenBisexual is a concept used to refer to a community of people who have sexual orientation with both sexes. And it is especially important that they still have the full emotional sublimation, regardless of sex with any gender.

Here is hermaphrodite in terms of sexual orientation. The person itself is still a biologically complete male or female.

It should be clearly distinguished from “bisexual” situations such as true bisexual nice fake bisexual.

Pseudo-male bisexuality: male external genitalia or male-like tendency but female gonads and chromosomes. Female pseudo-bisexuality: female external genitalia or propensity to resemble female, but gonads and chromosomes are male…

In addition, for accurate identification, it is necessary to have many evaluation surveys and visits by doctors who specialize in masculinity, sexuality and gender.

Signs of bisexuality

It is not easy for bisexuals to reveal their sexual orientation. This is a big secret of theirs, especially in the context of society still not having enough positive awareness about the LGBT community.

Therefore, it is necessary to rely on some Bisexual signs as:

Bisexual people are easily attracted and seduced by influences from both sexes.

They are easily approachable, close and intimate with everyone around them. This is no different for people heterosexual love usually, common, normal.

However, in the process, they have a certain sensitivity in emotions, which happens to be male or female. Like “falling in love” to falling in love and feeling satisfied with sexual encounters with men or women.

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Bisexual people: choose the heart or listen to the reason?

Bisexuals often have complicated romantic and sexual lives.

Because sometimes they also question themselves about their gender and sexual orientation. They sometimes feel proud of their ability to reach both sexes. But they also sometimes feel pressured, annoyed and blame themselves for this.


The inner life of bisexual people has many emotions

They also face many difficulties of their own when it comes to making decisions such as who they love more, which gender is more between the two lovers.

Bisexuals can be emotional people.

They tend to be discreet and try to hide their true self. Hide until they feel they have enough friendliness and understanding to share. Especially private love life and sex life are top secret.

The inner life of bisexual people has many emotions

BS. Tam emphasized that:

Being bisexual does not mean they are unfaithful. Bisexual people still have their own moral limits and standards, ways of life, ways of thinking and views about love.

Every act and fall in love and sex also comes from a person’s character. Like a heterosexual, maybe it’s just that when you fall in love with a bisexual, you will have to face more love rivals.

Furthermore, hermaphroditic with the property androgynous is a part of who they are, not a “transition” or influenced by human factors.

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Therefore, please respect, acknowledge and accept the gender and person of bisexuals.


Doctor Tam at Men’s Health Center


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