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Hello doctor! I am interested in cardiovascular problems, I often hear about the word “blood vessels” but do not understand what it is. I’ve googled but the articles are pretty sketchy. Doctor can help me understand better What does blood vessel mean?? Sincerely thank!

Huynh Huu Nghia (1999)


Hello! According to the Han Nom dictionary, blood vessels mean “blood pipes in the body”. Therefore”blood vesselis understood as the human vascular system, including arteries, vein and capillary system. However, according to online advertisements such as: “Cleaning blood vessels, bathing blood vessels”, the concept of blood vessels here is only artery and cleaning blood vessel are only reduction methods atherosclerosis. Hope the above answer helps to answer the question “What does blood vessel mean??” your. Thank you for your question Health system webgiaidap.com. Best regards.

Answered by Master, Doctor Nguyen Van Phong – Heart Center – International General Hospital webgiaidap.com Times City

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