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The Box Plots Also known as box and whisker plots are used to show the distribution of values ​​along an axis. You can shape lines, also known as whiskers, to display all points within 1.5 times the interregion. In other words, all points within 1.5 times the width as shown below.

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Box Plot charts are also known as box-and-whisker plots

Instructions for creating Box Plot in Tableau Desktop

To create a box plot showing discounts by region and customer segment, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Tableau Desktop and connect to the sample data source Sample – Superstore.


Step 2: Drag dimension Segment into the compartment Columns.Step 3: Drag measure Discount into the compartment Rows.

Tableau will create a vertical axis and display a column chart as the default chart type when there is a dimension on the pane Columns and a measure on the drawer Rows.

Step 4: Drag dimension Region and prevent Columns and drop it to the right of the field Segment before.

We have now obtained a hierarchy with 2 levels of dimensions from left to right in the view, with regions or regions (listed along the bottom) nested within segments or segments (listed below). listed on top).

Step 5: Click Show Me in the toolbar, then select the box-and-whisker plot chart type.


Tableau will display a box plot as shown:


Note that there are only a few markers in each box plot. Also, Tableau has reassigned the region (Region) from compartment Columns to the card Marks. When you change the chart type to box plot, Tableau determines what the individual marks in the plot should represent. It specifies that marks should represent Region and we will change that.

Step 6: Drag Region card word Marks return Columns and put it right to the right of Segment.


The result on the graph is that the horizontal lines are flattened squares, this happens when the box plots are based on a single mark.

Box plots are intended to show the distribution of data, and that can be difficult when the data is aggregated, as in the current view.

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Step 7: To split the data, select Analysis > Aggregate Measures.

This command is used to enable or disable aggregation and because data is aggregated by default in Tableau. The first time you select this command, it will re-split the data.

Now, instead of a single mark for each column in the view, you will see an array of marks, one for each row in your data source.


The view will display the information you want to see, the next steps will make the view more viewable and attractive.

Step 8: Click the button Swap to swap between axes:

Your box plots will now shift from left to right:


Step 9: Right click on the lower axis and select Edit Reference Line.Step 10: In the Edit Reference Line, Band or Box dialog box, in the list Fill drop down, select a palette that you want to use.


After completing the above steps, we have obtained a complete Box Plot.


You can see that the discount is the same across all segments of the West. In addition, the interregional scope for discounts is greatest in the central region for the consumer and corporate segments.


During the implementation, if you encounter an error, please review and follow the order of the steps above.

Box Plot is not a commonly used chart type like pie charts and bar charts. However, as a data analyst or data visualization person, you need flexibility to tell your data story as vividly as possible. Hope the information is BAC The above sharing will be useful to readers, don’t forget to read new articles at webgiaidap.com website.

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Reference source:help.tableau.com

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