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With a series of large and small media campaigns, brands currently have a single goal that is to build brand awareness. So what is brand awareness? Let’s find out right here.

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Levels of brand awarenessHow to build brand awareness for newbies

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a specialized marketing term about brand awareness. A marketing communication campaign is considered successful when the brand builds a brand awareness in the hearts of consumers through a series of psychological measures so that people can easily remember the brand name. Thereby helping the brand get the best business results.


Brand awareness concept?

What is an example that can help you better understand brand awareness? Those are the advertising campaigns of DR Thanh beverage company. With the goal of creating consumer confidence that drinking DR Thanh tea can help limit heat in the body. And this brand also needs a lot of time to build brand awareness in the community through a series of different brand marketing and communication methods and campaigns.

Levels of brand awareness

To build brand awareness among consumers. We have different levels like:

Level 1: Completely unknown

This is the level for new products to market, without brand coverage with certain customers.

Although it has been communicated in many ways, only when showing the logo and brand name, consumers will remember it.

Level 2: Japan knows when to be reminded

Brands have begun to gain a foothold in the minds of consumers. However, brand awareness at this time is still relatively low, must be asked before consumers know.


Levels of brand awareness

Level 3: Awareness without prompting

At this level, the brand awareness building activities of brands have started to be effective. When users want to find a product or service for a certain need, some brands that can solve the problem will be mentioned first.

Level 4: First aware

This is the highest awareness level among the current brand awareness levels. At this time, the name of the brand will become number 1 in the hearts of consumers and will always be chosen to serve the needs of customers.

The importance of brand awareness today

Brand awareness, also known as brand awareness, is the scientific basis for a business to promote and introduce new products and services. Brands can even build their own reputations.

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From there, they are ready to compete with competitors to find and retain loyal customers.


The importance of brand awareness

In addition, creating brand awareness is also very important for new brands when many people do not know them yet. If consumers have not been paying attention to the advantages of the brand, then surely your business cannot be on the priority list of today’s consumers.

How to build brand awareness for newbies

For those new to the marketing profession, having ways to build a brand image in the customer’s mind is very important. Here are some ways to build brand awareness today:

Target the right potential audience

By finding and identifying the right potential customers that you want to pursue. You can ensure that your business is making the right efforts to attract the most profitable set of customers for your brand.

To do this, new marketing communications staff need to think about the benefits of the target customer groups bring to your brand. This will help you to adjust the content of your communication strategies to have the greatest resonance with the market.

Increase presence on social networks

It’s hard to ignore the potential of social media today. By learning, establishing, and growing your presence on social media platforms, you can interact directly with your customers and learn exactly what your business needs.

Remember, not only should you focus on presence, but you must also deliver some message of content that focuses on customer needs.

Consistency in branding

Whether you’re running a campaign to increase brand awareness or reduce sales discount rates, consistency in branding is always number one. This will help your brand stand out from the crowd through communication methods such as Logo, Banner, Content, advertising TVC video.

Promote viral marketing activities

If you want to promote brand awareness, there is nothing better than a viral marketing campaign, also known as word of mouth communication. The most basic forms of viral marketing communication today are videos, images, and customer experiences with the brand.

However, in order for your brand’s viral marketing products to get a lot of interaction, it is also necessary to have careful and creative investments in terms of images, content as well as messages.

It can be said that brand awareness is the result of communication activities that make the brand be remembered in the minds of customers. However, for a successful brand awareness campaign, the most important thing that marketing novices need to remember is the consistency in the brand to create a solid image in the customer’s mind.

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