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BA is Business Analyst abbreviation. Business Analyst is a person who will have a lot of solutions for customer requirements, not always problems are solved by software solutions.

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Read the interview with Business Analyst Manager at FPT Software – Mr. Le Hoang Vu – to hear him talk about the Business Analyst position.

What is the day job of a BAWhat skills are the most important for a BA What are the common mistakes of BAsWhat advice do you give to those who want to become a BA

What is BA??

you caneh? hourherI thiech What is Business Analyst??

BA stands for Business Analyst. Business Analyst is the person who works with the customer to get the requirements, then relays the information and discusses this requirement with the internal team (Developer, QC) and document management.

Business Analyst will have a lot of solutions for customer requirements, not always problems are solved by software solutions. I can understand that.

What does a Business Analyst do??

1. What does Business Analyst do?eh?cveh?i don’tAsianchhahng Deh? lehyyHeyuceh?u, rOhI moveeh?n cho internal team. The interesting thing here is that the BA works with the client more than the PM. And sometimes, it is the BA who is close enough to help the company have more opportunities to cooperate with customers.

As he was in the process of working with many customers, he discovered that they needed additional systems. He helps analyze the advantages and disadvantages of those systems for customers, offering many software solutions for them. That is, he indirectly did sales and brought projects to the company.

2. Deliverysluggishpveh?i internal team, includingOhmovingeh?nthumbrellabelieve meah thherat homeehnvyes yHeyuceh?u khAsianshop, andyes dugh Asiannoohgeneral. More specifically, Business Analyst must work with Developer, QC, PM.

There was once a project, when he finished writing a request for a client, he realized that there was a part of the work on another team’s project, not his team.

At that time, he exchanged with the PM, whether this arising requirement his team had to do or not, if so, how would it be charged, if so, what impact would it have on other parts of your project? team no etc…

3. Parkeh?cvyes documentation, coversOhworkeh?c visluggisht and quhernlidea document. Document management is important because documents don’t have to be written once, but also edited.

A project is not just a document. Document management means making sure everyone knows which is the final version, and when there are changes in the project, which document it affects.


Anh Vu (sitting leftmost) with his colleague at Harvey Nash

What is the job of Business Analyst at FSoft like?

Basically, his job is to take requests from customers and then pass them on to the internal team.

However, in the past, customers would come to the outsourcing company where he worked when they had a clear idea of ​​​​the software. Business Analyst only needs to understand and contribute a few small changes to concretize that idea.

And now, he joined the project very early. At this point, the customer himself has not yet figured out what to do. He will sit down with the customer’s Product Owner team during the product definition phase.

Then, during the week, he will have from 1 to 5 evenings (depending on the time) with the team in Vietnam (because the US and Vietnam are different time zones) to convey customer information and discuss with the team how to respond. meet customer requirements.

Have you encountered any problems in your Business Analyst Manager job?

Yes. Once, after a customer had a meeting to discuss and share an idea, he did not ask the customer’s opinion but immediately transferred the idea to the Vietnamese team. After that, the Vietnamese team asked many questions to the customer’s Product Owner.

As a result, the customer’s Product Owners are unhappy. They told him that what they shared was just a very primitive idea, after discussion, they might choose another idea. The fact that you immediately transfer information to the offshore team can mess things up.

From that, he learned the lesson is to be more cautious, when discussing ideas to a certain extent, I need to ask the customer if it is possible to transfer information to the offshore team. If they agree, then I will talk to the offshore team.

However, when the requirement stage is clear, he often encourages team members to work directly with the customer’s Product Owner.

Recently, the Agile/Scrum model has been applied, requiring each team member to do a lot of work and have skills: communication, English, problem-solving, and presentation.

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This is one of the things that many developers and testers in Vietnam lack. Therefore, he always encourages and supports you to add these skills to follow the Agile model in the world.

wrongeh?mleh?nehtmah Mr.TYesNg myeahc phherivah bahihomgc you draw tYes wrongeh?m there lah gì?

Once upon a time there was a project that, when I read its requirements briefly, compared to the estimated time of the team, I found that with the current resources, the team definitely could not complete the project with such many requirements.

When he joined the project, it had been running for a short time. His mistake was that instead of immediately giving feedback to the whole team with a tough attitude, he said never mind, just keep trying. But the more you do it, the more you feel that you are weak and cannot be solved.

In the end, he learned the lesson to see the problem as it really is, and sometimes to have a tough attitude towards the team as well as himself in admitting the problem.

Recruiting Business Analyst in Ho Chi Minh City

Hiring Business Analyst in Hanoi

Yes. I goyesugì mah momgi amughI thughunderstandeh?uleh?mvyes moBusiness Analyst?

I think what many people misunderstand is:when you say yessluggishn BA, whoumthinkoops Dsluggishn BA IT. But it wasn’t until he was a BA, and he understood about BA work, that he knew threeeh?examsluggisht for momgitdrive chstasisc onlystasis khumbrellachdepend on riHeyIT people.

BA is Business Analyst. Actually, in that word, there is no word related to IT at all. (Laugh)

According to him, the definition of BA profession is: “BA is someone who helps define the requirements to be able to move from one state to another.”

For example, he said that my sales are having problems, and the problem comes from the unprofessional sales team. Then the BA is the one who helps define the requirements for how to move from the state of ‘unprofessional sales team’ to ‘professional sales team’.

There are many solutions to this requirement, the problem is not always solved by a software solution.

Suppose you BA-1, after analyzing, you should make a software to train your sales people better. But BA-2 saw that he hired all the weak sales people, so he suggested that he replace these guys with more mature sales people.

Dieh?m plus cincubateI thinkyes three yearsah gì?

On the plus side, firstly, as a Business Analyst, I will have the opportunity to interact with many customers, many developers, QC, QA. So I willwill phAsiantrieh?NDughckyes nawdelivery personsluggishp.

The second plus point isI haveughbisluggishchildrenehchildyesu domain knowledge. Because the nature of the job makes a BA know a lot of domains, and every domain they know knows deeply.

The third plus is like a side effect of the second plus. That is khher nawNg motbyesn THREE moveseh?n children Dughpeopleugh suspecteh?come home,cumbrellastaffeh?otherAsianclah khAsian rong.

Because when I do a project related to Digital Marketing, I understand it, then there may be a chance (like I am more interested in Digital Marketing) for me to switch to Digital Marketing without doing any other work. BA again.

I’ve seen this in some of my friends. Not only Marketing but also Finance & Banking…

Regarding the minus point, the first isthuhtimeahworkeh?ccincubateamotbyesn BA rehdayughcveh?i amughI thughng.

Most of the time, BA has to work with foreign clients, so sometimes the schedule is contrary to the working and living hours of the family. For example, sometimes in the evening he has to go online to meet with customers in the US, in the UK because his evening is their morning.

The second minus point isthdepend onthoherofficeheri Di onsite live nummforeign languageahi. For some, this is a good point. However, for him, in terms of family, going onsite means he has to be away from his family, which is an obstacle.

The last point, this one I think is more of a challenge than a minus. It is because he has to change projects often, so obstacles and challenges are always phherihomgc Nh,domain nameeh?i in moI can’tuhtimeyeahn.

When a client comes to me, their expectation is that I not only have analytical skills but also need to be knowledgeable about their domain.

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So, what do I have to do so that when I meet a customer, even though I don’t understand that domain deeply, I have to learn quickly enough, grasp enough information to be able to talk to the customer. And even, it seems to understand better than the customer to be able to advise them in return.

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