What is bytefence software?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of computer software from software Application to anti-virus software to prevent malicious code, anti-virus software and malicious code, it not only confuses users, but it also greatly affects the work or processing of other programs on your computer. Friend .

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In fact, when you buy a computer, you often find it built-in Bytefence Anti-Malware without knowing what it is and what it does.

Down here webgiaidap.com Please share some information about this Bytefence Anti-Malware software.

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So what is Bytefence Anti-Malware?

Bytefence Anti-Malware software is a scanning program to detect and remove viruses, spyware, malicious code on computers. The functions of this software are similar to AVG anti-virus software that we often see. The main executable file of this Bytefence Anti-Malware software is called bytefence.exe it runs safely in a subdirectory ” C: Program Files” when installing the program.

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So should I use Bytefence Anti-Malware?

In fact, this is quite harmless software that does not affect the computer, but many people believe that using this software causes many problems such as reducing the access speed of applications, causing security holes. That’s why we shouldn’t use this software, if you want to kill viruses, we should choose big branded software like Kapersky, BKAV…

How to remove Bytefence Anti-Malware software:

The parts that we need to remove for this software:

Step 1. Remove ByteFence redirects from Windows

Step 2. Remove ByteFence redirect from Internet Explorer

Step 3. Remove ByteFence redirects from Microsoft Edge

Step 4. Remove ByteFence redirects from Mozilla Firefox

Step 5. Remove ByteFence redirects from Google Chrome

Step 6. Remove ByteFence redirects from Safari

This is the software that easily causes the main redirect, so we need to delete all the software according to the following image:

On Internet Explorer :


Those are the ways to completely remove Bytefence Anti-Malware software.

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