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What is a printer cartridge? Structure of printer cartridge? How to distinguish between Ink cartridge and Toner cartridge? In the following article, we will help you identify concepts related to supplies used for printers. Through this article, you will understand the nature, concepts as well as explain the basic differences of terms commonly used in printers.

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What is a printer cartridge?

What is a printer cartridge? This is a commonly used term in the printing and copying industry. “Cartridge” in English, translated in the printing industry means printer ink cartridges.


Printer cartridge is meant for printer cartridges, used in large printers

The printer cartridge is an easily removable and extremely flexible part of use. Cartridges are introduced in printers to further extend the printer’s memory capacity. It is capable of containing printer-supported fonts. Therefore, the printer cartridge is very important, it can be considered as the operating center for the printer.

Structure of printer cartridges

To use the printer more proficiently, it is possible to repair and fix the error of the printer cartridge. You need to understand the construction of printer cartridges. According to the detailed description of the printer cartridge, the printer cartridge consists of the following main parts: Drum, clean blade, developer, charge roller and rubber shaft.


printer ink cartridge configuration

In addition, the printer cartridge to work also needs the very important presence of components such as springs, plastic caps. Spring to hold the cartridge when you pull the two parts of the cartridge tightly together. The second spring is placed under the rubber shaft, without this part, the print may be faulty, making the whole page black. The last spring in the cartridge is located at the top of the magnetic cartridge. They have the effect of keeping the magnetic shaft rotating evenly, cyclically, not deviating from the rotation. The plastic cap is located at the 2 ends of the magnetic shaft. The plastic cap will retain the ink, preventing the ink from smearing outside the two edges of the print.

In general, the technical structure of the printer cartridge is quite simple. The parts are designed, lined with each other to form a cylindrical block sized to fit in the hand and easily replace the ink. If you use a longer floor, you can fully understand the details of the structure and each component inside.

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Printer cartridge structure: Toner drum


Ink drum (also known as drum)

Drum or Drum is the most important component in a printer cartridge. The printer drum has a simple operating principle. When receiving a signal from the machine, the print data in the machine will print on the paper when the paper is swiped over. Whether your print is good or bad, blurry or smudged, sharp or not depends on the performance of the drum.

Structure of printer cartridge: Rubber shaft


The rubber shaft that makes up the printer cartridge

The rubber shaft is the simplest tool in the print cartridge. Its function is mainly related to the application of physical force, which is to make the bracket and wire spool to carry the drum. Therefore, the rubber shaft is rarely damaged. However, if your printout has the phenomenon of printing with black patches on half of the paper, an angle following the cyclic prints, even black the whole print. Then this is a sign of a damaged rubber shaft, causing the paper to jam and leading to the above situation

Structure of printer cartridge: Magnetic shaft


Details of magnetic shaft in professional printer ink cartridge

The magnetic shaft is the most durable part in the printer cartridge, even if it is scratched, it will still work normally. As the name implies, the magnetic shaft is made of wrought iron. They act as bar magnets that use magnetism to attract short magnetic ink containing ink to the drum.

Structure of printer cartridge: Remove from

Magnetic wiper helps a lot for the ink printing process on the paper. Imagine when the magnetic shaft rotates, the magnetism will attract a lot of ink to roll evenly into the drum. Too much ink will lead to the text color on the print being very dark, even black. Therefore, the magnetic wiper is designed to save the amount of ink that is evenly colored, not too dark.


Actual picture of the magnetic wiper in the printer cartridge

Thanks to the use of magnetic swipe, the strokes of the print are always accurate, slim and sharp. So when your printout appears dark black ink streaks shaped like dots as big as the tip of a chopstick. Then there is a great possibility that the printer’s magnetic wiper has a problem, it needs to be checked and fixed to get the best print quality.

Structure of printer cartridge: Toner wiper

The ink wiper has the function of removing excess ink from the drum (drum) into the special tray containing excess ink of the printer cartridge. You can observe the picture of the ink wiper in the picture:


The printer ink wiper has a structure quite similar to the magnetic wiper, but the size is larger

Damaged ink pads or long-term use can lead to fairly long, thin top-down stripes on prints. You should periodically check the printer cartridge to check the condition of the parts in the printer cartridge. Because they work to support each other and determine a lot to the quality of your prints.

Types of printer cartridges


Explore two types of printer cartridges

The market currently has or types of printer cartridges for your reference, which are Ink cartridge and Toner cartridge. What are these two types of printer cartridges? What features and uses do they have? Please read the difference between Ink cartridge and Toner cartridge below.

Printer ink cartridge


Ink cartridge printer suitable for color printing, application in inkjet technology

Ink cartridge is a water-based (liquid) ink cartridge. Ink cartridge is the ink component of an inkjet printer. Ink exists in liquid form contained in an ink tank. Each Ink cartridge can contain one or more ink tanks depending on the manufacturer. Accordingly, Ink cartridge manufacturers will install more and more chips in the cartridge that can communicate with printers and electronic contacts.

Printer toner cartridge


Toner cartridge for powder printer, using laser printing technology

In addition to the Ink cartridge, the toner cartridge for the printer is also very popular. The toner cartridge is the main component of a laser printer. Toner cartridge exists as a dry mixture of fine toner powder, carbon components, black products and other coloring agents. Printer toner cartridge for rich color diversity on prints. Toner cartridge’s ink printing mechanism is based on heating and melting. Accordingly, the ink mixture through the electrostatic drum unit is transferred to the paper. At the position to be printed on the paper, the roller passing through melts the ink leaving the shapes on the printed page.

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The printing mechanism of Toner cartridge complies with the electrostatic capture printing process. In a laser printer, the electrical sample of the image is drawn onto the printer’s rotating metal drum. Accordingly, the characteristic of a metal drum is that it is coated with a light-sensitive material, which can start with a positive or negative charge. A precision-operated laser beam scans through points

Compare Printer Ink Cartridge and Printer Toner Catridge

So that you can easily distinguish these two types of printer cartridges. We’ve figured out the differences from basic to advanced. You can track the difference between printer Ink cartridge and printer Toner cartridge through the following aspects

Compare Ink cartridge Toner cartridge
Form Water-based ink Powder printing ink
Working principle Using thermal bubble printer technology and piezoelectric printer. The toner cartridge complies with the electrostatic capture printing process.
Quality and capacity Print speed is average.

Print quantity will be much more limited than toner

Faster operating speed.

The printer can print more, quickly, in large quantities and efficiently

Image quality Image quality is guaranteed.

However, it is not suitable for technical details that are too complicated

Good print quality.

Accurate, vivid images even with small pixels.

Ink quality Various colors

The ink color may be smudged when the sticky paper is wet

Color is not diverse (usually only black)

The ink does not smudge when the paper is wet

Replacement cost Low price

Suitable for short term use

Printer toner cartridge price is usually more expensive

Suitable for long term use

Application Use in inkjet printers Applications in laser printers

When to replace the printer cartridge?

Printer ink cartridges for a long period of use also need to be replaced. Depending on each case, people will think about how to replace the ink cartridge. The notes we just mentioned when describing the composition of the cartridge will certainly be useful to you when you need to replace the components in the cartridge. In addition, the quality of the print also tells how the condition of the ink cartridge is operating. Errors on the printout will be an indicator for you to detect errors that need replacing in the printer cartridge.


Print error when the toner drum (drum) in the printer cartridge has a malfunction

Make sure your cartridges are always full of new components to work properly. Missing a detail can greatly affect the print. The print box needs to be fully replenished to function properly. Therefore, every little detail such as springs, gears or tabs attached to the cartridge cannot be ignored.

In the unfortunate case of dropping or breaking, it is definitely necessary to replace the printer cartridge with a new one to ensure that the printer operates correctly.

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However, it is not always necessary to replace the ink cartridge. When the ink runs out, you just need to add ink to the printer cartridge to be able to use it. This saves you both time and money. If your printer equipment is too old and operating a lot for a continuous period of time. Care should be taken to take care of the printer cartridge by checking the internal components for wear, damage or problems.

In fact, there are other problems that we encounter in the printing process. Hopefully through this article, you have more knowledge about printer cartridges, its structure, types of printer cartridges and how to distinguish them. Sales equipment hopes to always accompany you in the process of choosing the best quality printer products. Please visit the website of Vending Equipment to experience the shopping space of quality equipment at the best prices!


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