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cascade /kæs”keid/ noun waterfall (physical) floor, batchdistillation cascade: basementhard cascade: hard wave hanging lace curtain journalize falls like a waterfall, flows like a waterfall
laddercascade connection: link multiple cascades cascade theory: cascade theory elementgeneric cascade: cascade cascaded cascade: cascade cascade cascade connectioncascade connection: cascade connectioncascade connection: cascade connection e connection: cascade couplingcascade control: cascade control cascade system: cascaded cascaded cascaded explained EN: Any group of similar devices connected or arranged in sequence so that each works the one following and multiplies the effect of the one preceding.Explanation VN: Groups of analog devices connected or arranged in such a way that one device operates the next and replicates the influence of the next.increas Amplifiers are arranged so that the output of one stage feeds the signal to the input of the next stage.stacking Domain: math & tin operation cascaded cascade blades: cascade vanes: cascade blades (turabs) in)cascade Peltier cooler cascaded Peltier coolercascade Peltier cooler cascaded Peltier coolercascade Peltier cooling cascaded thermal chillercascade Peltier cooling cascaded Peltier coolingcascade amplifier cascadecascade amplifier cascade amplifiercascade amplifier cascade amplifier amplifier (multi-stage) cascade amplifier cascade amplifier cascade arrangement cascade arrangement front and back cascade button cascade carry cascacade carry cascacade carry ca o hierarchical arrangement How to arrange the partitions in the form of a step in the separator. waterfall


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a small waterfall or series of small waterfallsa succession of stages or operations or processes or units

progressing in severity as though a cascade of genetic damage was occurring

separation of isotopes by a cascade of processes


arrange (open windows) on a computer desktop so that they overlap each other, with the title bars visible

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. Additional elements displayed by a menu item or list box from which the user can choose in order to interact with other screen elements. See the illustrations. 2.In newsgroup articles, the accumulation of quotation marks (often angle brackets) added by newsgroup readers each time an article is reply to. Most newsgroup readers will copy the original article in the body of the reply; after several replies, the original material will have several quotation marks. See also article, newsgroup, newsreader.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

cascades|cascaded|cascadingant.: cataract

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