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What is CBRE? – For a long time, CBRE Group is one of the familiar brands in the world real estate field and has received a lot of trust and confidence from domestic and international real estate investors. Established in 1906 in the city of Los Angeles, California in the US, over a hundred years of development, now CBRE corporation has been present in more than 100 countries worldwide with more than 450 offices and branches. in many major cities. With a wide network and quality services and products that are always appreciated, CBRE has been growing stronger and stronger, contributing to the overall success of the global real estate market.

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What is CBRE – Continuing with the successes that CBRE Group has achieved, CBRE Vietnam, a branch of CBRE in Vietnam was officially established and put into operation in 2003. After more than 10 years of sustainable development CBRE Vietnam has now become a strong brand in the real estate market, providing many convenient real estate services, contributing to promoting the development of Vietnam’s real estate market. CBRE Vietnam provides customers with a variety of real estate service packages to choose from to suit each requirement, in which outstanding services are: research and consulting, consulting and valuation, and asset management. production, project management.


Research and consulting

This is one of the most outstanding services of CBRE and always receives great trust from customers. With a team of Market Research and Investment Consultants of more than 25 professionals with diverse and solid professional backgrounds and a long track record of experience, this team always provides customers with data and analysis. The most accurate analysis for investors and customers to make the most accurate investment decisions, ensuring long-term profits. Services in this group include: Market research, Development consulting and Feasibility studies, consulting for businesses, Long-term consulting and production of quarterly reports. Especially, CBRE’s Quarterly Report is the only publication published quarterly in Vietnam, providing the most accurate judgments about the real estate market and receiving great support from investors. real estate investment.

Consulting and Valuation

The goal of this service is to provide customers with the best judgment and advice on strategy and pricing for customers who are project developers, financial institutions and domestic investors. international. With a team of experienced professionals, with a solid background, high and diverse professional qualifications, meeting international standards, CBRE Vietnam provides consulting and valuation services for various types of assets. shape and purpose, meeting all the needs of customers.

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Asset Management

What is CBRE – As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of Real Estate Management, CBRE Vietnam currently manages 1,300,000 m2 of real estate in Vietnam including commercial and retail projects. , housing projects, apartment buildings. With dedicated support and advice for customers on strategies to expand revenue cash flow, strictly control costs, focus on developing customer care services to enhance image and prestige. credit, support the development and maximize the asset value for the investment projects of customers.

Project management

With a worldwide network and advanced management tools, CBRE Vietnam always accompanies customers throughout the process of project formation and development to implement strategies for effective spending management, reduce costs but still ensure management to avoid risks and increase the value of the project.

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During more than 10 years of accompanying Vietnamese businesses in the real estate market, CBRE Vietnam has witnessed a series of ups and downs and fluctuations of the market, but with its understanding of the market as well as the needs of the real estate market. CBRE Vietnam’s customers have always stood firm and achieved certain successes. Convinced that, in the coming years, CBRE will continue to develop further and will always be a companion who always understands and supports Vietnamese businesses to overcome all fluctuations of the real estate market in the future. future.


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