What is Chain of Custody?

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FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 1993 in Toronto, now the FSC’s head office is located in Born (Germany), setting forth control measures control the management of the world’s forests in accordance with the environment, while benefiting society and achieving economic efficiency. (refer to www.fsc.org)
FSC has established an international standard system for responsible forest management to the community and society. And establish a program system to accept Certification Organizations (referred to as third parties) representing the FSC Organization to certify forest management organizations and manufacturers and traders of forest products. Forest products according to FSC standards. To mark the world’s uniform consumer recognition of forest products, a program of responsible forest management has been implemented. Then the FSC logos and product labels will be proof of the supervision of the representative organizations.
In the basic program of the FSC organization, there are 10 principles drafted and attached annexes for organizations, businesses and individuals around the world to concretize into practice in their fields according to each position. geographical and country-specific. To obtain the certifications of the FSC . organization
Principle 1: Follow the law and FSC principles.Principle 2: Rights and responsibilities for use and ownership.Principle 3: Indigenous peoples’ rights.Principle 4:Relationship Community system and workers’ rights.Principle 5: Benefits from the forest.Principle 6:Environmental impact.Principle 7:Management plan.Principle 8:Monitoring and evaluating.Primary Principle 9: Maintain forests of high conservation value. Principle 10: Plantation forests.

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WHAT IS FSC CERTIFICATE?FSC certification is the result of inspections, monitoring and evaluation at organizations, businesses and individuals carried out by FSC-recognized Certification Organizations. There are 02 types of FSC certification being issued by Certification Organizations. Get offers:
FM (Forest Management) Certificate – Forest Management Certificate: is a certificate issued to one or certain forests that have complied with and fully meet the requirements related to environmental, community and social standards. society and economy. Chain of Custody Certificate – Certificate of Chain of Custody: is a certificate issued to organizations that have proven that traded wood products come from certified origins, these products can use labels. FSC and the certification mark of the Certification Body.
ABOUT FSC-CoCCoC (Chain of Custody) – Chain of Custody A Chain of Custody (CoC) is the path by which certified forest raw materials reach the consumer, including the continuous stages of harvesting, processing, transportation, production and distribution. The process of identifying timber from a certified forest until the product reaches the final consumer. The purpose of the FSC-CoC Chain of Custody is to provide authentic evidence to prove it. Wood products are sourced from forests that have implemented a responsible management program that meets the standards of the FSC organization.
Standard: FSC-STD-40-004 (Ver. 02) – Chain of Custody Standard for companies that supply and process FSC certified products. Standard: FSC-STD-40-005 (Ver. 02) – The FSC standard for companies evaluating FSC controlled wood sources. Standard: FSC-STD-30-010 (Ver. 02) – FSC Controlled Timber Standard for Forest Management Organizations. Standard: FSC-STD-40-201(Ver. 02) – Requirements for FSC labeling on products.

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All organizations, units and businesses in the fields of-Extraction and purchase of wood materials.-Preliminary processing of wood.-Refining of wood products.-Distribution of wood products.
Meet customer requirements and mandatory market in some countries. Create new markets in the desire to integrate Improve profits, create competitive advantages and develop businesses.

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Vien Dong Consultants will consider the size and scope of consulting at your Company before starting the consulting program to build and apply the FSC-CoC System.
Help students understand and apply the FSC-CoC Product Chain of Custody standard into practice at your company.
Establishment of the FSC-CoC committee. Formulate FSC-CoC policy. Development of FSC-CoC manual and procedures. Work instructions and regulations according to FSC-CoC standards. Review before review. Certification assessment support. Instructions for maintaining the system.


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