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What is Facebook Checkpoint? Reasons for account checkpoints

You already know about Facebook Checkpoint and the causes of Facebook account checkpoint.

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1. What is Facebook Checkpoint?

Checkpoint facebook is an advanced security feature that facebook wants to apply to protect users’ accounts. When someone logs in to your account from a strange device or browser, facebook finds it suspicious, it will force the user to verify the account.

The information that facebook requires to provide, when not the owner of the account will not be able to pass. Therefore, it will be a way to protect the main account.

However, sometimes this feature also causes certain annoyances when the owner of the account, when logging in in a remote place, on a strange computer and browser, cannot remember all the images and information of the user. friends lead to inaccessibility.

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+ Image Checkpoint: Users will have to choose to match the names of their friends with the corresponding photos at a ratio of 5/7 and within the limited time suggested by facebook.

+ Checkpoint phone number: When you register your phone number for 2-layer security, you need to enter the correct code sent to your phone number to unlock facebook nick.

+ Upload ID card, passport, related documents


2. Reasons for being locked out of facebook checkpoint account

+ The account has poor trust due to little interaction

+ Abuse of features: make many friends, join groups, increase members ….

+ Abuse of manipulating many calculations at the same time and continuously in 1 day

+ Make friends with too many strange friends

+ Login in unfamiliar IP and browser

+ Logging in too many acc on the same browser & network IP

+ Newly created and updated accounts do not have enough phone number or email information

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3. How to avoid facebook checkpoint

To protect your account from Facebook checkpoints, please note the following points:

+ Do not log into your facebook account on strange computers and browsers.

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+ Use your real name and complete information when registering

+ Do not log in too many facebook accounts (10 accounts) on the same machine

+ Do not make friends with strangers because when you make friends with many people you do not know, it will be difficult to verify your account if you are checked by facebook

+ When using facebook, you should not take unusual actions such as liking too much, requesting friends or accepting friends continuously, spamming posts on other users’ walls or on groups, fanpages, ..

Hopefully, the information that Thuat Nguyen Corp shared above will help you protect your account as well as avoid being checked point nick. If your locked facebook account is checked point, please contact Thuat Nguyen Corp immediately to get it back as soon as possible!


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