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He demanded the resignation of the police chief, touching off loud applause and cheers in the audience.

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The teachers” pleas for calm were greeted with cheers that would not have been out of place at a basketball game.
She was terrified to see thousands, who doubt had once sat and cheered her, homeless and hungry.
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Toasts were drunk, cheers raised, and the flag planted, all whilst ankle-deep in the guano of a resident penguin colony.
When we saw them coming back in the boat, six of them, we all got together and gave three hearty cheers for them.
Descending scales over a held chord near the end helped fuel big cheers and a standing ovation for the new work.
The workers began to join hands in visual reflection of this common goal, and the affir mative cheers of the whole audience suggested their own participation in this mystic community.
Over a thousand people took part in the procession, and the citizens, with their houses decorated and their balconies filled with cheering subjects, formed part of the show.
A tank full of petrol if we feel like it … we cheered ourselves up … whereas it would have been another miserable day, it did us good.

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When the ” impassibilists ” present cheered his latter remark, he rebuked them sharply for cheering assassination, while refusing to countenance the presence of a socialist in a ministry.
The author”s obvious optimism about the potential these.have for enhancing democratic accountability and curtailing longstanding clientelist politics is cheering though perhaps not fully warranted
We have already cheered the good news, and we hope that it will hold its position until the end of the match.
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