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Chia seeds are the seeds of the chia plant (Scientific name is Salvia hispanica) – a species of plant in the same family as herbs used to make spices such as mint, basil. This plant is native to Mexico, and is a long-standing traditional food of Central and South America. Chia seeds are known to be a very nutritious seed and are often used in macrobiotics.

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Chia seeds and basil seeds when soaked in water

3. Nutritional value of chia seeds

Chia is grown mainly for its seeds. Chia seeds have many valuable pharmacological properties and nutritional content. Chia seeds are a superior source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, low in sodium, high in protein, fat, fiber and antioxidants. Seeds have a protein content of 19-23%, an abundant source of B vitamins, calcium 6 times higher than milk, fiber 1.6 times higher than barley, and a very high lipid concentration in the grain.

4. What are the benefits of chia seeds?

Chia seeds are widely used in nutrition, beauty, weight loss, anti-aging, and treatment of a number of diseases. Here are the specifics:

4.1. Good for pregnant women

Chia seeds are full of nutrients that are good for the fetus: iron, calcium, vitamin A, magnesium, Omega 3. Especially folate helps the nervous system and brain to develop. In other words, chia seeds are among the top herbs that rarely contain such rich Omega 3 and Folate content.

4.2. Good for people with diabetes

When soaked in water, chia seeds expand many times their own weight and create a soft gel layer due to soluble fiber. It is this gel layer that helps the sugar in the stomach to be absorbed more slowly, making the glycemic index value lower, helping the body avoid diabetes as well as becoming a good food for those suffering from this disease.

4.3. Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails

Hair and nails are formed and developed mainly by protein, so we need to add a relatively large amount of protein in our daily meals. Meanwhile, chia seeds are found to be a relatively high source of Omega 6 ALA and excellent antioxidants. Therefore, chia seeds work very well for strengthening and helping the skin, hair and nails grow strong.

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4.4. Healthy cardiovascular system

Our body cannot synthesize an essential fatty acid – Omega 3. However, in chia seeds, a large amount of Omega 3 ALA is found, accounting for about 20%, so the addition of chia seeds in the diet every day seems to be an absolute necessity. Not only that, according to research results, Omega 3 supports well in reducing cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as helping the cardiovascular system to be healthier.

4.5. Osteoporosis room

Chia seeds contain a lot of nutrients that help build strong bones such as: Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorus, etc., so they are good support for effectively fighting osteoporosis. Often osteoporosis occurs in the elderly because the level of estrogen hormone is less, making the regulation of calcium in the blood out of balance, leading to osteoporosis.

4.6. Good for the digestive system

The fiber content found in chia seeds accounts for about 37%, of which about 20% is soluble and 80% is insoluble fiber to better support the digestive system to work more optimally. A lot of fiber will help the digestive system easily remove harmful substances and gradually remove cholesterol from the intestinal wall. Therefore, adding chia seeds in the diet, or drinking a glass of chia seed water every day is also very good to prevent and support osteoporosis.

4.7. Supports weight loss and avoids obesity

The ability to absorb water of chia seeds is 16 times higher than its inherent weight, so when we drink a cup of chia seed water, we often feel full for a long time as well as help the body absorb fewer calories. At the same time, because it contains a lot of fiber, using chia seeds also helps you avoid obesity when limiting excess fat.

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4.8. Slow down oxidation

The amount of Omega 3 ALA along with the protein in chia seeds helps the body to avoid aging. In particular, it eliminates some toxins in the body, making the skin more beautiful and healthy.

5. Are chia seeds harmful?

Although the benefits of chia seeds are immense and they are completely harmless, consuming too much of them (and any other food) can have negative health effects. If you use too much (7-8 tablespoons per meal), then you may experience some side effects of chia seeds such as:

6. Conclusion

In short, the health benefits of chia seeds are undeniable. If you only use 1 or 2 tablespoons of chia seeds in each meal every day, it is completely harmless. But if you are consuming too many chia seeds, it can have adverse health effects. After all, drinking too much plain water has side effects!

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