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What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing aka Cloud Computing, is a model of providing computing resources to users through the internet. Let’s also Eye of the storm Learn about the benefits of cloud computing.

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Users can access cloud resources through the internet

This resource covers a wide variety of things related to computing and computing. For example: software, services, hardware, … and will be located at the virtual server (cloud) Online. Users can access any resource in the cloud. Anytime and anywhere, just connect to the internet system.

Classification of cloud computing model


There are 4 models of cloud computing

Currently, there are four main cloud deployment models in common use. That is: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Community Cloud.

What is Public Cloud?


Public cloud

Public Cloud is the deployment model cloud computing most commonly used today. Services and applications on Public Cloud are all on the same Cloud system. That is, all users will share the same resource. The service provider will directly manage and protect the data in the cloud.


Serving a wide range of users, not limited in space and time.Especially Public Cloud low investment cost. Save server system, reduce management burden, infrastructure. The public cloud can also be elastic according to the actual needs of users.


Insecure and difficult to control data

What is Private Cloud?


Private cloud

Private Cloud is a private cloud computing service usually provided to businesses to ensure data security. Private cloud will be protected inside the corporate firewall and directly managed by the enterprise.


Be more proactive in using and managing dataBetter information security


Having difficulty in technology deployment Costs to build and maintain the system Only serves within the enterprise. Cannot be accessed and used by other external users.

What is Hybrid Cloud?


Hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud (Hybrid Cloud) is a combination of public cloud and private cloud. It allows users to exploit the strengths of the two models above. And at the same time limit the weaknesses of those two models.

The hybrid cloud will often be created by the enterprise and the information management. Data will be divided between the business and the supplier Public Cloud.


Ensure the safety of important dataUse many services cloud computing without limitation


Difficulty in deploying and managing the system It costs a lot to build infrastructure

What is Community Cloud?


Community Cloud

Community Cloud was built for the purpose of sharing infrastructure and data for many different organizations and users. For example, businesses operating in the same education industry can share a common cloud to exchange data with each other.


Organizations/enterprises/individuals in the same field of activity can share data and information easily to serve their own work. Ensure privacy, security and comply with good policies than.


The operation and management are relatively difficult. It takes a lot of money to build and deploy.

What are the cloud provisioning models?


There are 3 basic cloud computing provisioning models: Infrasructure as a service (Iaas), Platform as a service (Paas) and Software as a service (Saas).

Currently, there are 3 models offered cloud computing basic. They are: Infrasructure as a service (Iaas), Platform as a service (Paas) and Software as a service (Saas).

Infrasructure as a service (Iaas) – Infrastructure Services

Iaas is the service model pay-per-use (i.e. pay what you use). The cost of using this service is calculated based on the function and the amount of resources that the customer uses. According to Amazon, this is the most basic level of cloud computing.

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Manufacture Iaas . service will sell to customers the server (server)network equipment, memory, CPU, storage (storage space), computer (can be real or virtual machine, depending on need), data center equipment and some security protection features Advanced.

With infrastructure that Iaas generated, you need to go there and set. And install other necessary software such as web server, database, etc. Iaas not created for the end user. It is for companies and web publishers to use for the purpose of software deployment.

Platform as a service (Paas) – Platform service

Paas is a service model that helps developers to develop. It allows deploying applications and websites in the cloud. Paas It’s basically the same as Iaas but a little higher level. Paas equipped with additional development tools business intelligence (BI), middleware and many other tools. With Paasyou will have a pre-installed platform suitable for application development.

Software as a service (Saas) – Software service

Saas is a service model cloud computing current highest. Allows users to easily use cloud-based applications over the internet. Simpler, Saas will provide software/applications that run on the internet. From there the end user (end-user) can use it right away. Service Provider Saas can be hosted on their server. Or allow users to download it and disable it when it expires.

A good example of this service model is Microsoft Office 365. Sometimes web email (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail,..) also use this service. These are all finished products. Users can use it immediately without having to set up a server to manage.

Similar, OneDrive, Dropbox is also the type of cloud computing model Saas. These websites (software) provide the necessary storage space for you to upload/download data over the internet.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?


Cloud computing saves costs

Cloud computing brings a lot of benefits to users, specifically as follows:

Cost savings: Helps reduce costs. You will not spend money on the initial infrastructure investment. For example: purchasing hardware, software, installing systems, etc.Convenient: Users can quickly access and use resources through the internet without complicated settingsSafe and Continuous: All data is synced in the cloud. Helps ensure higher safety, avoiding data loss due to damage to the hard drive. In addition, the provider will periodically back up and have security methods to better protect the data.Rapid deployment anywhere: With just a few simple taps to deploy them anywhere. This means that users will get a better experience with lower latency.

Who needs to use cloud computing?


Cloud computing can be used for any object

Cloud computing can be used by anyone:

Companies, businesses, organizations that have needs to store and share data. Developers of websites, applications, software. End users (individual users).

How does cloud computing work?

Cloud computing works in a completely different way from physical hardware. Cloud Computing allows users to access servers, data and services over the internet. The cloud service provider owns, manages the hardware, and maintains the network connection. Meanwhile, users will be provided and used what they want through the web platform.

What is the application of cloud computing?

Simply put, cloud computing will help you to access data easily through the internet. There are many applications that cloud computing can perform, for example:

Cloud database Testing and developing web, applications Big data analysis Store data for websites (also known as cloud server) Store and share data through platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Shutterstock, …Business management application: There are many applications designed on the cloud platform to help businesses better manage and maintain relationships with customers.

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If you are looking to open a website of your own Cloud server (Cloud Server) is the solution for you. You can learn more What is Cloud Server? What are the great advantages that cloud server brings?

Here are the details about cloud computing. Hopefully the article has helped you better understand this “technology that changes the future”.

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