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coating /”koutiɳ/ noun coating times; outer coating robe fabric
coating coating coating coating packaging material brand coating coating brush coating chocolate coating machine chocolate coating machine chocolateclear coating coating agent coating drum coating machine chocolate coating machine vertical transportation coastcorrosion-resisting coating antirust coatingextrusion coating spray flexible coating plastic coatinggrease-proof coating fat repellent coatinggrease-resistant coating air-permeable coating hard buttermachine coating grease coating machinemilk chocolate coating milk chocolate coating milkmoisture-resistant coating water-resistant coating nut coating oily coating fatspray coating spray coating. sugar coating <“koutiɳ> o coating Thick layer around the conduit to protect the pipe against corrosion. The sheath may consist of bitumen, microstructure, fiberglass, paper or plastic. The underground pipes are covered with cement to prevent floating. o covering, wrapping; gilding; coating; painting; coating § acidproof coating : acid resistant coating § asphalt coating : asphalt coating, asphalt coating § continuous coating : continuous coating § electrodeposit coating : electroplating § felt pipe coating : felt pipe coating § preservation coating : protective coating § protective coating : protective coating § reinforced coating : strengthening coating; solid coating § spraying coating : spray coating § surface coating : surface coating whirling coating : rotational coating


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Collocation Dictionary

coating noun

ADJ. thick | fine, thin | outer, surface | protective | magnetic | chocolate, metal, plastic

VERB + COATING be covered in/with, have The fruit is covered in a thick coating of milk chocolate. | apply Apply a thin coating of glue to the surface.

WordNet Dictionary


an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors


cover or provide with a coat

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Oil and Gas Field Glossary

The process of covering a tube of a specific material with another material, superior for corrosion resistance, but could also be applied for reduction of pipe/borehole-to-coiled tube friction.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

coats|coated|coatingsyn.: cloak robe wrap


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