What is commerce in english?

If you are a person working in an international business environment, learning business English will help you develop more in your career. So What is business English?and how to learn it, let’s take a look at these common English terms closest to you!


1– surplus wealth: capitalism lives on this

2– Financial policies : financial policies

3– Unregulated and competitive market: unregulated competitive market

4– The openness of the economy: the opening of the economy

5– Average annual growth : the average annual growth rate

6– account holder: account holder

7– Circulation and distribution of commodities: circulation and distribution of goods

8– Capital accumulation : the accumulation of capital

9– confiscation : to confiscate

10– Holding company: parent company

11– customs barrier : tariff barrier

12– Affiliated/ Subsidiary company: subsidiary company

13– The openness of the economy: the opening of the economy

14– Distribution of income : distribution of income

15– earnest money : deposit money

16– Economic cooperation: economic cooperation

17– Financial policies : financial policies

18– Gross National Product (GNP) : Gross National Product

19– financial year : fiscal year

20– Home/ Foreign market : domestic/ foreign market

21–Regular payment: regular payment

22–Billing cost: invoice cost

23–Excess amount (n): change amount

24– Indicator of economic welfare : indicator of economic welfare

25– Unregulated and competitive market : unregulated competitive market

26– Rate of economic growth : the rate of economic growth

27– Planned economy : planned economy

28– economic blockade : economic blockade

29– International economic aid : international economic aid

30– joint venture : joint venture company

31– Macro-economic : macroeconomics

32– Micro-economic : microeconomics

33– monetary activities : monetary activities

34– Market economy : market economy

35– National economy : national economy

36– mode of payment : payment method

37– Per capita income: per capita income

38– moderate price : affordable price

39– payment in arrear : late payment

40– price boom : a spike in prices

41– preference duties : preferential taxes

42– Mini-statement (n): short statement

43– Budget account application: multi-term payment slip

44– Real national income: actual population’s income

In this article we have brought to all of you more than 40 business English terms. If you still wonder what business English is, please continue to follow our next articles on webgiaidap.com’s websites! Besides, you can come to our center to participate in English classes according to the major you want!

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