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confusion /kən”fju:ʤn/ noun chaos, confusion, confusion, chaoseverything was in confusion: it’s all messed upto throw the enemy into confusion: to confuse the enemy ambiguity, ambiguity, confusion (meaning) confusion, confusionconfusion of something with another: the confusion of something with something else embarrassment, embarrassment, shameto make confusion more confounded: was confused again made more confused, embarrassed again made more embarrassed confusion!) dammit!, dammit!confusion worse confounded The already chaotic situation is even more chaoticto drink confusion to somebody while drinking and cursing someone
confusion circle of least confusion

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): confusion, confuse, confused, confusing, confusingly


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Collocation Dictionary

confusion noun

ADJ. complete, total, utter | great, great | slight | general, widespread | administrative | mental

VERB + CONFUSION cause, create, lead to, result in | add to This latest decision has only added to the general confusion. | clear up | plunge sb/sth into, throw sb/sth into The local council has been thrown into total confusion by her resignation.

CONFUSION + VERB arise, reign Confusion reigned when the two managers gave conflicting instructions. | surround sth The government needs to clear up the confusion surrounding its policy on water.

PREP. in (the) ~ She stared at them both in utter confusion. In the confusion that followed, she managed to slip away unnoticed. | ~ about/over There is confusion about the government”s transport policy. | ~ among The announcement caused a lot of confusion among the students. | ~ as to confusion as to the whereabouts of the man | ~ between confusion between letters of the alphabet | ~ with the confusion of this book with her last one

PHRASES a scene/state of confusion, to avoid confusion To avoid confusion, label each box clearly.

WordNet Dictionary


disorder results from a failure to behave predictably

the army retreated in confusion

an act causes a disorderly combination of elements with identities lost and distinctions blended

the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel


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