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contradict me‧trasdict AC /ˌkɒntrəˈdɪkt $ kɑːn-/ BrE AmE verb first. to disagree with something, especially by saying that the opposite is true: Deborah opened her mouth to contradict, but closed it again. Dad just can’t bear to be contradicted. The article flatly contradicts their claims.

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2. if one statement, story etc contradicts another, the facts in it are different so that both statements cannot be true: The witness statements contradict each other and the facts remain unclear. 3. contradict yourself to say something that is the opposite of what you said before: Within five minutes he had contradicted himself twice.contradithu◎<,kɔntrə”dikt>※verb to contradict, to oppose the statements of the witnesses contradict each other to contradict a statement

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