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What is Cricket? How to play and how to play Cricket? Soon we will find the right answer together!

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Cricket RulesSome popular types of Cricket today

What is Cricket?

Cricket is transliterated as:”Cricket“. This is essentially a sport that uses sticks to hit the ball, Cricket quite common in some countries in the British Commonwealth. Depending on the playing area, this sport is also known by many names such as:

Bridge Table Cricket Wall Moc Bridge Bridge

How to play?

Besides learning about the concept What is Cricket? Surely you are also wondering about how to play this sport, right? This is a game played against two teams. Each team will have a starting lineup of 11 people. Cricket is played on grass with a circular shape. About the goal of a Cricket match is that two teams will take turns, one team will have the right to serve and the other team will take the initiative to hit the ball.


Learn about how to play What is Cricket?

After all members of the batting team lose their turn, one team will have to change to pitch, and vice versa, the other team will take turns to take the batting role.

Rules of Cricket


As soon as the match starts, a team will choose two members who will take the role of holding the stick to stand at either end of a flat area, commonly referred to by the player as “”field quadrature“.

In each direction there is a wicket, which will consist of three wooden sticks deeply embedded in the ground, leaving two sticks facing upwards.

The other team will choose one person to take the role of serving, or more commonly known as “”soccer player’s head” English name is (bowler) and some other members of the team stand around waiting to hit the ball – These positions are called “stimulatorEnglish is (fielder).

The person in charge of the pitch will try to throw from one end of the bridge to the other end, the intention of this throw is to make the ball bounce from the ground and break the three pillars of the three pillars. subject on the opposite end.


Rules of Cricket

As for the task of the opposing team’s stickman, how to try to hit the ball to bounce outside, protecting his team’s three pillars is always the safest. During the time when the ball is thrown away, the two club members will have to run back and forth between the two ends of the field. Each run will be counted as a “element” or (run).

The opponents of the throwing team will have to keep the ball and bring it back to the field. And the two players of the batting team will continue to make the next stroke, and have to move back and forth in order to score a point until 1 of these 2 is eliminated by the throwing team in a number of ways such as:

Break the three pillars at the service. Catch the ball from the hitter’s own club before the ball has made contact with the ground. The thigh part blocks the ball. Make the person who missed the foot stand protrude forward.

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Use your feet to support the three pillars and if the referee finds out, he will be punished by being kicked out. Using the ball to break the goal of the three pillars while the batter is still moving, not able to retreat to the level of the three pillars. The disqualified player will be replaced by other members of the same team because by law, the hitting team must always have 2 people holding sticks standing on the field.

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Ways to calculate points

Points will be calculated in the case of running from one side of the square to the three pillars on the other side. The ball bounces outside the boundary of the field square. Hit the ball without contact with the ground, fly out of bounds (even into the stands).

Some popular types of Cricket today

Category Test cricket

For Test Cricket Also known as antagonistic Cricket is the way to play Cricket with the longest time. It can even last up to five days. There was once a competitive cricket match attended by two countries. If there are no two countries, it will not be recognized as a antagonistic cricket.


Some current Cricket genres

Currently, up to ten countries are named by the International Cricket Association itself International Cricket CouncilICC Publicly registered to play is allowed to hold Test Cricket.

Single day Cricket

For Single-day Cricket or still known in English as: One-day Cricket or Limited overs Cricket. This is a relatively new type of Cricket, starting to be started between 1960 and 1970. These Cricket matches are held with the same time on the same day.

About Cricket Twenty

This is Cricket Twenty Twenty or more commonly known as Twenty20. It is also a simple type of Cricket, and is only used in the 21st century.

The above article has partly helped you to better understand the concept What is Cricket? as well as how to play this game. Hope you will have interesting and exciting matches after hours of studying and working stress.

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