What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is a life skill that is highly appreciated in schools, businesses as well as in life in developing thinking, negotiating and problem-solving skills. Individuals with critical thinking skills often have a dominant personal opinion and are appreciated in the community. So what is critical thinking that is so important today? Find out in the article below!

What is critical thinking?

There is still no universal and agreed upon definition of critical thinking. however, most explanatory definitions of critical thinking stress the importance of clarity and reasoning ability.

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What is critical thinking in English? Critical Thinking, also known as Critical Thinking, refers to the ability to think clearly and logically about the beliefs you believe or what you are doing. It includes the ability to manipulate independent thinking (independent thinking) and reflective thinking (reflective thinking).


Features of critical thinking

Critical thinkers are often able to:

Understand the logical coherence between points of view.

Identify, develop, and evaluate arguments.

– Find common inconsistencies and errors in reasoning.

Systematic problem solving.

– Identify the relevance and importance of ideas.

Consider reasoning and correctness in the opinions and beliefs of others.

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Do not confuse critical thinking with liking to argue or criticize others. While critical thinking skills can be used to expose shortcomings and mistakes in arguments, they play an important role in creating sound and constructive arguments. . Critical thinking helps us to acquire knowledge, increase our understanding of known theories, strengthen reasoning, and improve work efficiency and problem solving.

Practice quick thinking skills

How to train thinking ability, especially emotional thinking? A few suggestions below may be the answer for you.


Everyone should exercise their thinking ability.

Actively cultivate knowledge for yourself

Critical thinkers are usually well-spoken and can argue with others easily. However, in order to argue well, we need to constantly improve our general knowledge, master a variety of information about all fields related to the industry we are working in and even non-work professions. mine. Get in the habit of observing and learning a lot of knowledge so that when you argue, you are always the one who knows the correct information to convince others.

Have an objective vision

To have good critical thinking, you need to have an objective view of a certain problem, not think or solve the problem according to your feelings or put your ego too much to see a problem. Let go of the subjective view and replace it with an objective one, only then will you be able to argue the problem correctly.

Get into the habit of asking questions

When solving a problem, it is necessary to ask more questions to make it more complete. look at the problem from many angles to avoid any bad situations that may happen outside of your thoughts. This is also a way to solve all problems properly, avoiding mistakes.

Use opinion mapping

When identifying a certain problem, first of all we know exactly what the problem is? About who? About what? Related to what field? Then, based on scientific and logical grounds, ask questions to clarify the problem. Why A but not B, A is true or B is true, if it is A, what is the result, what is the result of B, which is the correct and correct one. From there, draw conclusions and reasons for the above problem.

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Critical thinking is a great tool for self-improvement and turning points in life and career. The articles on critical thinking and the books mentioned above are only the first guides, to be successful, you should find opportunities to practice based on the theory and draw your own lessons.

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