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Surely those who love photography or digital technology have heard of the concept of crop and full frame cameras. So what is a crop camera? What is the difference between crop and full frame cameras? Let’s find out with Dien May XANH!

1 What is a crop camera?

A crop camera is a type of camera equipped with APS-C sensorhas sensor size smaller than 35mm . film sizeusually (23.6×15.6) mm.

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2 Compare crop cameras and full frame cameras

Depth of field

Depth of field of a crop camera Wider when shooting with the same focal length, same frame as the full frame camera. This means when shooting close-ups deeper focus.

For example, macro photography with a 90mm lens, if you want to create the same frame, then the person holding the crop camera have to step backresulting in further subject and consequently wider depth of field.



With the same lens full frame sensor always gives Wider viewing angle crop sensor. As well as wanting to capture detailed portraits with relatively tight framing relative to the subject, a camera with a full frame sensor can always get closer to the model.


Crop factor

When using a lens on a crop camera, to get an equivalent angle of view on a full frame we have to multiply by factor 1.5, is called the crop coefficient. Due to the multiplication, the crop factor of the crop camera is larger and is capable of shooting further.

Focal distance

Focal length is the biggest difference between these two types of sensors. Full-frame camera with sensor”full“And the crop camera is a device”mutilation“.

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If you use a camera with crop sensor such as Nikon D5300, D7200, Canon 7D, 70D, Sony A6000, etc., when shooting with the same focal length, the image will have an angle of view. narrower compared to when shooting on a full frame sensor camera.


Image quality

In bad conditions such as flickering light, you will see when increasing sensitivity (ISO)full frame machine for details with less noise, clear, clean and much sharper image quality than crop.


The biggest disadvantage of a full frame sensor compared to a crop is probably the price, the price can be different up to 6 or even 20 times depending on the machine model.


Comparative Criteria Crop camera Full-frame camera Depth of field Wide (for deeper focus close-ups) Narrow APS-C sensor (smaller than 24mm x 36mm) Full-frame sensor (24mm x 36mm) Crop factor 1.5 times the factor of a fullframe Smaller Focal Length Short Long Image Quality Normal Better Wide Viewing Angle Narrow Low Cost High Body and lens size Small Large Ability to shoot far and near Popularity Many (due to low cost) Few (due to cost) high)

Should I choose a crop camera or a full frame camera?

In short, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and is suitable for different audiences.

Full frame camera for those of you who have High demand, professional than. If shooting portraits, the machine will easily give you smoother font removal frames. If shooting landscape, the camera will give Dynamic Range Wider. However, a typical full frame camera is much more expensive compared to crop machines, both in terms of camera and lens.


Crop machine will be suitable for you new to photography, for a wider depth of field and deeper focus than tiny objects. At the same time, the cost of a crop camera is not too expensive. And of course, their image quality will hard to sharp, clear with full frame cameras.

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Above is information about crop cameras that Dien May XANH shares with you. Hope the above information will help you in choosing to buy a camera.

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