What is customer service

Customer service includes many aspects: customer service is the service that you provide to customers before, and after selling a product or service. Including when the customer has already used the product or service.

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2. What is “customer service”3. Role of customer service #4. What is the importance of customer service?

1. What is the definition of customer service?

Customer service (customer service) is every interaction with your customer before, during, and after the sale. A good customer service experience means that you provided good enough customer service and that service completely met the customer’s expectations.


What is customer service

2. What is “customer service”

If you think that service is just giving customers what they want. Surely you will be stuck when a customer asks for something when you cannot provide it. Conversely, if you expand the concept What is customer service You will never have to fall into such difficult circumstances.


What is the customer service role?

#2.1 Basic needs

It is a fact that people accept, in customer service, if you give your customers what they ask for, they will be satisfied and loyal customers.

Customers always ask for what they want but don’t say it, they need you to be understanding, friendly and fair.

For example, a customer won’t walk into a bakery and say “I want to buy some cakes”. That you have to ask directly and customer support. Satisfied customers will definitely have the next time to visit your store again.

#2.2 Consider your customers

When determining who your customers are? You will answer is the person who buys your product or service. However, in fact, a customer can be anyone, can be in your company, no matter where they work, how they pay, how they transact, … in general, customers are divided into 2 types (internal customers, external customers)

Expanding your concept of customers to include employees within your company represents an important step towards a more complete and complete level of customer service.

#2.3 Customer chain

The relationship between internal and external customers is what makes up the customer chain. If employees at your office rarely deal with outsiders. You can immediately feel that every activity within the company seems to have no impact on external customers.

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On the contrary, if you look at the bigger picture, you will see that every employee plays an important role in satisfying customer needs.

All communication with internal customers is an important link in the chain of different events that together end at a point of “satisfying external customers”.

3. The role of customer service

#3.1 Customer Service as an Activity

How important it is for most companies to consider customer service simply an activity. Order fulfillment, invoicing, returns, and loading and unloading requests are typical examples of this level of service.


What is the customer service role?

#3.2 Customer service is a measure of service level performance performance

Emphasize performance measures such as the rate of on-time and complete deliveries. The number of orders processed within the time limit allowed. Defining performance measures ensures that the company’s service efforts achieve real customer satisfaction. Focusing on customer service performance measures is very manageable because it provides a method to quantify the success of the logistics system at the enterprise.

#3.3 Customer service as a philosophy

Customer service as a philosophy allows to expand the role of customer service in the company. This level elevates customer service to satisfying the company’s commitment to achieving higher customer satisfaction.

Play an important role in creating loyal customers and maintaining their loyalty. Customer contact, customer service is the main activity that affects customer psychology through service attitude, professionalism, ability to meet and satisfy high demands.

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#4. What is the importance of customer service?

Why do businesses lose customers?

Unsatisfied with products and services Competitors have superior advantages

Most customers return to the business only because business owners, employees, and managers have indifferent attitudes, do not care about them.


What is the importance of customer service?

The main reasons leading to customer dissatisfaction with employees

Employees do not have enough necessary knowledge about the company’s products and services.Do not listen to customers’ opinionsEmployees do not follow up and take care of customers regularly

That is why:

Impact on sales: Sales revenue is influenced by the ability to provide customer service. But customer service only increases customer satisfaction, not the sole determinant of revenue. It is therefore not an accurate measure of the quality and outcomes of customer service.

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All of the above can easily be turned into positive things by caring, providing customer service Continuous, professional. Just doing this well, you and your business will surely be on the road to success.


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