What is cyka blyat idi nahui?

The Russian language is the perfect picture for oaths. The flexibility of the language allows people to use the limited vocabulary and transform it and join existing words to form all sorts of profanities. But leave that to the pros for now and start with the basic vows that you are very likely to hear in Russia. After all, if Russia’s greatest poet Pushkin uses them in his poetry, why can’t we?

олочь / Svo-lach ‘

Meaning: scum; jerk

How to use it: This is one of the less powerful swear words to use and has been used in Russia since the 14th century. The root comes from the word ‘pull’, so the person is called svolach’ is what gets dragged into the trash. Think of it like ‘what the cat pulls in’, used to name someone who has done something unpleasant or unpleasant.

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/ Piz-dets

Meaning: Damned

How to use it: Another word from the ancient language; Its original meaning was ‘vulva’ that warped over time. It is one of those words that has existed in the Russian language for almost as long as the language itself. Pizza is the general description of a situation that has gone very wrong, so it can be used on its own as an exclamation point or in a sentence: Vote eto pizdets!

/ Hui

Meaning: d * ck

How to use it: A very multifunctional word that is often used in different phrases and has many derivatives. We don’t really know when or how the word came about, but research suggests that the ancient Slawebgiaidap.comc people would have used it. Usually, the situations never involve the male reproductive organs. The same context as the word ‘f*ck’. For example, а (‘Idi na hui’) means ‘Go f*ck’ and ает (‘Hui zna-et’) means ‘Who f*ck knows?’


ак / Mu-dak

Meaning: sh * thead

How to use it: A derivative term that can only be used for males. It comes from the old Russian word, meaning a castrated pig. Some sources suggest that it is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘idiot’. This makes the theory seem like the reason as it is mainly the meaning of it. So if any aspect of a man’s webgiaidap.com behavior could be classified as unconsidered, he could be called mud. Unless you want to stay friends with that person, of course.

орас / Pi-do-ras

Meaning: homosexuality

How to use it: Although it has a very specific meaning now, pidoras used to refer to a person of poor morals. It is now used as a derogatory term for gay people and is very derogatory. Therefore, the word is more for reference, than for active use and is best avoided because, even used as a joke, can be made the wrong way.

андон / Gan-don

Meaning: condom

How to use it: For starters, this word can be used as a street name for a condom, although it’s not exactly the first word you’ll use. It’s a fairly new term coming from the British condom, which is why the two w0rds sound similar. Basically, this word is used to refer to someone who is not satisfied but is quite vulgar.


опа / Zho-pa

Meaning: ass

How to use it: What started out as a time-honored swear word becomes a sometimes playful, term that can be used among loved ones. Although you don’t want to say it to a child and ask them to repeat it. In the right context, it can come across as rude and possibly misinterpreted.

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ать / Ye-bat ‘

Meaning: f * ck

How to use it: Unlike ‘f * ck’ mentioned above by webgiaidap.com, this is a verb form. It is derived from the words in the ancient Indian languages ​​​​meaning communication. In a figurative sense, it refers to someone who is annoying, squirming around, or just generally annoying. It is used in the common expression zhizn ‘ebet meya, means ‘life is f*cking me’.

а / Su-ka

Meaning: b * tch

How to use it: Like the English equivalent, the original meaning of the word meant a bitch. It is now used as a derivative term for women, often used by women themselves. There are also some contexts when it can be used with respect to men, though who hardly do webgiaidap.com outside of a sentence. It can be cutely used when a special suffix is ​​added, making it sound cute. So the derivative suchka can be used as a playful term among women. Again context is key.


авно / Gav-no

Meaning: sh * t

How to use it: Quite literally sh * t, so it can be referred to as needed. It is derived from a Slavic word meaning ‘cow dung’; words that have the same root as cow-related words, such as beef. In other cases, it is used as an exclamation of frustration at a time of crisis. There is also a usage when ‘gavno’ can refer to something bad, like the bad job someone has accomplished.

/ Blyat ‘

Meaning: wh * re

How to use it: This is a favorite swear word in Russian. It was used freely before, but in the 19th century included it in the list of restricted words. The root of the word means ‘to wander around’, alluding to a sleeping woman. The original meaning refers to a woman of an ancient profession but is actually not used in that sense. It’s an exclamation point that can be used on its own or as part of a sentence, just like ‘f * ck’. It is considered very rude.

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а / Shlyu-ha

Meaning: wh * re

How to use it: Use less rudeness than the one above. Unlike its ruder counterpart, it is used in its original sense. It can only be used when talking to women and doesn’t necessarily reflect on human moral conduct – it’s more to express general dissatisfaction with a woman. There isn’t really any irony to use this, so better keep naming any woman a shlyuha until absolutely necessary – or just all together. Arguably, there are a number of situations when this can be helpful to know.

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