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Cypher, also known as cipher, is an algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt data. However, cypher is also used as a slang term in hip-hop and rap culture. So what is a cypher? Join us to learn about the concept of cypher in everyday life and also in hip-hop and rap culture!

What is Cypher?

Cypher good cipher is an algorithmic method of hiding words or text by encryption by replacing original letters with other letters, numbers and symbols through substitution or permutation. Cypher is also commonly used to refer to encrypted documents, the cryptosystem, or the encryption key for plaintext.

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For those of you who love hip-hop or rap, you’ve probably heard rappers or hip-hopers mention the word cypher. So What is cypher rap? ? Cypher is a slang term used to refer to freestyle raps, each rapper will take turns rapping when the music (beat) starts to emerge.

Learn about cypher culture in Hiphop and Rap


Before talking about culture What is a cypher in hip-hop?I want to talk a little bit about the origin of this word cypher.

The origin of the term cypher has nothing to do with coding or rap style. This is simply black slang. Ornately, cypher means “I make rap lyrics with esoteric meanings”. When first used, the cypher was seen as a complete rap song. Then became attached to the freestyle rap style

Cypher quickly morphed into a term for groups of free-spirited rappers like the Dream Team, who can often elegantly end any rap with a teammate. These groups are also referred to as cypher bts.

So What is cypher bts?? When you gather several rappers into one group to rap, it’s called a BTS cypher, and that’s something that continues to this day, regardless of the artistic trends of hip-hop music.

The cypher culture in Rap


During the founding decades of hip-hop, a tradition as well as an integral part of the origins of hiphop and rap was freestyle rap, or freestyling.

Part of the fun of this culture is that people are free to create the letters they like and show off the ability to make great rap lines or bars.

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There are a total of two types of freestyle rap. The first is classical rap, this is basically rapping rhymes that you’ve written, they may not be related to any theme. And the other kind is that you’re free to rap what you have in mind.

In rap, cypher also means gathering people who are not part of the official group, including rappers, beatboxers and/or dancers, to put music together. This term in recent years has been used quite a lot in rap battles. So What is battle rap?? This is a rap battle between 2 people or 2 groups with many genres and styles of rap, including audience and viewers.

These matches are seen as a way to encourage competition and partly to enhance the excitement of rap battles. Cypher is like “make or break a reputation in the hip hop community, if you can make a rap and tell your story, show your uniqueness, you can be more accepted.” . It’s also a way for messages of hip hop style and knowledge to be spread, through word-of-mouth trends and encouragement in other battles.

Hip-hop cypher culture


In hip-hop parlance, the term refers to something like a freestyle rap in which everyone contributes to the creative experience. Whether DJs, dancers, rappers or graffiti artists, all the different artists that make up hip-hop culture can have their own cypher.

As the dancers do the cypher, you’ll see each turn in the middle of a circle, contribute a unique style, then take a break. The center of the circle is never empty and the cypher’s energy increases as the dance moves more and more intense.

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The cypher rappers huddle together in a corner, rapping to the beat of the music or any ambient beats in the surroundings.

In short, cypher is like a way of sharing knowledge between lovers and enthusiasts of hip hop and rap. Hopefully the information in this article will help you better understand what a cypher is!

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