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Questionnaire design – Data processing

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This is a common method for performing an initial assessment. The purpose of this method is to find level II information that is available in statistics, books, journals, and data from organizations and agencies. Market research professionals can collect data that is available within the company or from external sources.

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1. Sources of information inside

These are sources of information that are very easy to get, from inside your business, from the books of the business such as: from the summary report of the business situation, from the sales department, from the customer contact departments, from Marketing department of the company, from staffs,…

2. External sources of information

The most important thing is to have the information gathered from a reliable source. Some sources of information you can refer to are:

– Business support organizations

These are organizations that support export promotion through export promotion and support programs. There are also government business organizations (eg ministries and national trade promotion organizations) and industry associations. In addition to individual support, these organizations can also provide information services such as the following:

National trade statistics, market publications

Newsletters and information about market opportunities for specific products

Database of domestic exporters and foreign importers

Non-governmental organizations

Among NGOs, some such as ITC, FAO, OECD, UNCTAD, World Bank, Oxfarm…. often offer programs to exporters in developing countries.

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Trade associations

Recently, many trade associations have set up their own websites to provide information. From these websites it is also possible to find links to other product or industry related organizations.

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Embassies of different countries are also a very useful source of general economic data or country information. They can provide guidance on local laws or regulations with general information about doing business in the host country. Furthermore, they can also introduce you to important figures or organizations in related industries…


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