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Despacito in Spanish means: Slow down, take it easy, take it easy. Despacito – Take it easy baby: is a song successfully performed by Luis Fonsi and famous Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee.

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Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee brought the song Despacito to everyone. With fiery lyrics and a Latin American style of expression, he has brought Latin American music to a new level.

A wind could not be more special in the digital music era of mankind. And up to this point, the song Despacito has the largest number of viewers (3 billion views) on the YouTube video social network.

What is Despacito? What does it mean?

Translation of the word despacito in spanish:

Despacito means: Slow down (verb). Despacito means: Take it easy (verb). Despacito means: Lightly (adjective, verb).

Despacito has a figurative meaning: Expressing actions in a caressing, magical and gentle state to enjoy sublimated emotions.

Despacito is translated artistically and poetically: Take it easy honey! – A gentle way, to enjoy the high sublimation in the yeast of love.


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And Khe Thoi Cunh A is the translation of the song title Despacito from Spanish to Vietnamese. Supported and loved by many young people.

Despacito song lyrics

Baby, do you know that I’ve been looking at you all this time

I want to dance with you today, baby

I saw you looking at me like

It’s like showing me the way to you.

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I’m a magnet

I’m metal

He approached, planning an attack

Just thinking about it made my heart flutter.

I like you more than usual

His senses tensed as if demanding

But you know this

Can’t be in a hurry

Slow down baby

I want to breathe in your throat slowly

Let me whisper something in your ear

Even when you’re absent

I still have to remember you

Slow down baby

I want to take you off and kiss you slowly

Like writing in enchanting matrix walls

To turn your body into a manuscript

Go up, go up, go up, go up baby

I want to see your hair dance too

Get caught up in your rhythm

Let your lips know

The places I like the most…. honey

Let me caress the dangerous areas

Until I scream with joy

To forget who I am

If you ask for a kiss

Please give me your kiss baby

I know you’re thinking

I’ve wanted for a long time

Baby, baby

This is giving, this is giving

And do you know

My heart with you will explode

Boom boom

Try to kiss me and see how it tastes

Let me know how much I love you.

You’re not in a hurry, honey

I want the two of us to start our journey slowly

Then it’s getting wild, baby

One step at a time, one step at a time

Soft, gentle like that

Let’s stay close to each other

I kiss you so cleverly

I see you as sly

With her flair

Step by step, take it easy baby

Because your beauty is difficult

But to solve it

You have this puzzle.

– Chorus –

Slow down baby

And we will do it

In a Puerto Rican beach

Until the waves have to say

Honey, my God.

Leave your mark on me forever.

(Chorus) Take it easy baby

The lyrics of the song are subjective and self-edited. But as we can see, this is a song that describes a relationship between a man and a woman, which is in its most enchanting, smooth and romantic stage.

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Along with a Latin American style of performance, Despacito has had great success in both artistic aspects and record sales in the music industry of the world music industry.

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