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In addition to using it for storage, there is a very cool trick on Google Drive that allows you to create a direct link to share for others to download directly.

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On the VPS Learning blog, I used this trick to upload the entire ISO file to install Windows on Vultr and create a direct link for everyone to use.

The storage capacity is nearly 20GB, a lot of people use it, fortunately, the direct link of Google Drive allows download Unlimited bandwidth so I haven’t had any problems so far, the speed is really good


I have received a lot of requests asking about how to create this direct link, this way many of you probably already know. If not, please refer to the manual.

Instructions to create Direct link Google Drive

– Sign in to Google Drive with your Google account.

– In the upper left corner, press NEW (NEW)select Folder (Folder) to create a shared folder.


– Name the new folder and press Create.


The newly created folder will be featured right in your archive list.

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– To get the link, hover your mouse over the folder name, right-click, select Share (Share).


– A popup window appears, look down at the bottom right corner and click Advanced (Advanced) to set the sharing mode.


Please set the mode On – Public on the web (On – Public on the web)then press Save to save.


– Now the important step, get the ID of the folder. After having this link you will get the direct link of all files stored in that folder.


Look at the line Link to share You will see that Google Drive gives a share path of the form: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=ID_FREEDER&usp=sharing

After getting the directory ID, replace it with Google’s direct link directory structure, which looks like this: http://googledrive.com/host/ID_directory

The content displayed will look like the image below:


Now it’s simple, you just need to upload the file to this folder, right-click, copy the file path and you will have the direct link of that file. Paste it into the browser or download window of IDM and immediately download it to your computer.

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Uploading files to the folder is also very simple, drag and drop the content you want into the shared folder or click NEW (NEW)select File upload (Download file).


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