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discipline /”disiplin/ noun disciplineto keep under strict discipline: subject to strict disciplinea breach of discipline: violation of discipline brain training corporal punishment; Punishment (religion) mortification (to show repentance) (ancient word, ancient meaning), military practice (ancient word, ancient meaning) subject transitive verb closed in discipline, put in discipline Practise punish, beat
line discipline

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): disciplinarian, discipline, disciplinary, disciplined, undisciplined


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Collocation Dictionary

discipline noun

1 controlling behavior

ADJ. effective, firm, good, strong We need better discipline in our schools. | harsh, iron, rigid, strict strict military discipline | lax, poor Discipline was too lax. | staff, team | military, naval, party, prison, school, work

VERB + DISCIPLINE enforce, exercise, exert, impose the discipline that the party exercises over its members | keep, maintain The teacher was unable to maintain discipline. | accept, submit to They submitted to the discipline imposed by their leaders. | have The school was for having very poor discipline. | lack Modern schools lack discipline. | tighten The new headmaster tightened discipline in the school. | relax | restore

PHRASES a breach of discipline It”s unfair to dismiss somebody for a single breach of discipline. | a breakdown of discipline a breakdown of discipline in the classroom | a lack of discipline

2 controlling yourself

ADJ. good, great, useful, valuable It is good discipline to learn to delegate. | strict | personal | mental, spiritual | business, commercial, financial, fiscal, industrial, market, monetary The chancellor has stabilized the economy through strict fiscal discipline.

VERB + DISCIPLINE have He”ll never get anywhere working for himself?he”s got no discipline. | show | lack | demand, require, take It takes great discipline to learn a musical instrument.

PHRASES a lack of discipline

3 subjects of study

ADJ. core, main, major Students are to be tested on the three core disciplines: maths, English and science. | distinct, independent When did sociology emerge as a distinct discipline? | established, traditional | subject | academic, intellectual They established psychology as an academic discipline. | professional | humanities, science/scientific

PREP. across ~s There is a lack of communication across disciplines (= between teachers and students of different subjects). | within a/the ~ Within a discipline there may be more than one school of thought.

PHRASES a range of disciplines The university offers a wide range of disciplines.

WordNet Dictionary


a system of rules of conduct or method of practice; “he quickly learned the discipline of prison routine”; “for such a plan to work requires discipline”;the trait of being well behaved

he insists on discipline among the troops

training to improve strength or self-control


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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

disciplines|disciplined|discipliningsyn.: chastise condition correct drill exercise groom penalize practice prepare punish train

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