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Discipline is the root of education. It is not by chance that the old students carved their hearts with their hearts: Tien studied ceremony, and later studied literature. Being a person who takes virtue as a priority, no matter how highly educated you are, you don’t know etiquette, it is difficult to become a useful person.

Education for many years has persisted in the flow of a studious nation, devoted to learning, building monuments. Parents who entrust their children to teachers because believing and understanding teachers will devote themselves wholeheartedly. Teachers are strict, students should be people. The teacher is kind and tolerant, and the students don’t dare to be greasy and go beyond the rules. People with words are the national quintessence, because knowledge is associated with virtue. Village school classes sometimes have only a few students with a hardworking teacher imbued with deep morals, the national vision of the commune is not limited. People do not forget that the famous and talented judge, Cao Ba Quat, was beaten and demoted for arbitrarily correcting a blasphemy and supporting a talented soldier. It was in the Nguyen Dynasty, when the society was in decline, the sale and purchase had crept into many directions. Feudal laws are sometimes harsh, binding people, but the discipline of the faculty is worth thinking about!

Looking back at history, the more I see the prosperity of learning makes people grow up. Not only knowledge but also the example of a teacher who stands beside and supports throughout life. The teacher has a virtuous mind, the students will go far. What is not learned in books is learned in the school of life. But principles and ethics are already there in the initial lessons the teacher teaches. Happiness is that lesson that is always true in all situations, in the insight of humanity, in the mentality of a nation that respects morality and always has the desire to rise.

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Education is now more modern, the whole society is still interested and devoted. But the lag in every way is still happening, calmly, hard to resist. Just looking at the number of students rushing abroad to study abroad, costing billions of dollars a year, is enough to see how many people have been disappointed with the education in the country. How can you not be disappointed when the teaching methods are old and outdated, the knowledge is outdated, the program is overloaded, and the exam puzzles students. Not to mention the negative, scandals looming somewhere, discouraging students. The Minister of Education and Training admitted at the Industry Conference: The Ministry of Education and Training is similar to the “Exam Ministry”. That is to say, always revolves around exams, all innovations and improvements are exam-centered. But the exam kept messing up like a jumble. Just the fact that students have to bring a certificate of results to submit and withdraw like playing the stock market is enough to show how insecure education is. And after insecurity is the negative. Applications can be pressed at the last minute when a space is available. Good students may fail, poorer students may pass. The elephant is still calmly slipping through the eye of a needle in the innovation cycle of the education industry with no clear ultimate goal.

Nearly 200,000 bachelors graduate without a job is a typical waste of the country’s resources. It is sad that this waste is poured on most of the poor families and farmers’ children when investing in their children’s education but the output is not accepted by the labor market. That social burden, who is responsible?

Disappointingly in the statements resounded at the recent education conference in Da Nang, many opinions only focused on complaining about the lack of funding, that in the US, tens of thousands of dollars are collected for a student, and We only have 500 “dollars”, so how is the quality? There is a “pun” taste in the form of 200,000 graduates who just have no job, not unemployment. There are also concerns about the percentage of university lecturers with doctorate degrees being too small, only 17%, how to make a proper university education?

In fact, all of those reasons make sense. But what is the essence, what is the root, how to answer, is missing the answer.

Do the training programs that have been implemented with a lot of money make the quality? If there is a reallocation of funds or in other words a redistribution of money, will education be blocked by lack of money? How many trillions have been poured into redoing programs from university to high school that have brought results? Teaching equipment projects with a cost of many trillions of investment while the rooms are not available or are not suitable, are they overstretching their hands? Finishing university without being able to find a job, or in other words, being unable to do a job is the pain of both teachers and learners, also calling “unemployment” or “no job” is just a word change. never mind.

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The university lacks a doctorate? How many schools arrange for the doctor to work as an office, even as a secretary or in charge of corporate affairs? Someone responsible said: Doctor but can’t teach, it’s good to be an administrator! So what is missing is not the doctorate, but the mechanism and strategy of selecting and training the next team of lecturers. A good principal must be a person who takes advantage of training to have a team of qualified teachers, class after class, seasoned and dedicated. The principal must be both a manager and a true teacher. Vietnamese higher education used to have such principals. The name and prestige of the teacher is too great, making his colleagues and students always obey with a deep belief and are not mistaken. And now? It must be said that many educational institutions operate according to term thinking, with self-interest overwhelming creativity. School services are all tendered in a for-profit business manner.

When the school leadership is too heavy on commercial thinking, the school will turn into a buying and selling market. Buy points, buy degrees, buy standings, seats. And the principal’s power also only has a term, so it must be taken advantage of. Many people took advantage of a few months of being in office to sign recruitment contracts massively, break barriers in all sorts of ways and land safely.

The prestige of the universities is thanks to the big names, the “banyan trees” that span generations. Now, those names are gradually disappearing. Old bamboo but bamboo shoots do not grow up is common in training institutions. The human strategy is sadly a conspicuous weakness in many human farms!

The story of smut and flap flaps is not only found in university but also in high school. In the past, the specialized school only had good students, now it is open to relationships and partners in need. Worse, it’s not uncommon for teachers of average level to run into teachers at prestigious schools. Therefore, the rotation problem is favored by many local educational leaders. The person who is in the classroom is stable, the students praise, the parents love it, they suddenly decide to move away. The teachers who are lazy and weak are brought back to teach the selected class. With such a close relationship, where do you get good teachers and good students?

Because discipline is too lax. Because human roots are not properly respected. Don’t talk about catching up with advanced education, just the word “rite” until the old days was an unsolved problem.

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Discipline is the key to educational innovation. From discipline will choose someone with integrity, heart and talent to take the lead from the ministry to the schools. From discipline will choose good teachers, good students, bring education to the top. Discipline will make society feel secure, resources are concentrated, each profession and each training institution will know how to promote their own strengths to gain a foothold in society. A disciplined school will contribute to a more orderly society, future generations have faith and know what to do to live up to his father’s expectations.

Discipline creates quality. Real learning, real teaching, real profession, no more rushing to open a new industry when not enough conditions, no longer thinking about lazily taking shrimp for a lot of students to make a profit by peeling short and biting long. Discipline will honor true learning, good teachers are recognized, and good students have a place because employers have faith in the training institution.

Discipline must start from the top. From the minister, the deputy ministers set an example, the departmental directors, the standard principal, education will not deviate. On the contrary, if only exhort and then leave it, the ills of education will become more and more serious, until there is no cure.

In the new year, please send faith in the changes of education. Among these changes, please put the first two words: DIAMOND!


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