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Have you ever heard of dry ice? What is dry ice? not yet? In the preparation, people often use dry ice to create smoke for drinks to increase the attractive part. But did you know? how to use dry ice right way or not? Let’s find out through the following article of Eurasian Mixing Teaching!


What is dry ice? How to use and store dry ice properly? (Photo: Internet)

What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice, also known as dry ice, smoky ice, or CO2 ice, is a solid form of carbon dioxide. Dry ice is mainly used as a coolant, to preserve food, to create smoke effects for parties or on stage. Due to its specific characteristics, when using dry ice requires special attention, for novice Bartenders should also note this issue.

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The advantage of dry ice is its lower temperature than ice, which when in a pressurized state usually does not melt or leave any residue but directly sublimes to a gaseous form at -109.3 °F ( -78.5 °C).

Because dry ice is much colder than regular ice, knowing how to properly handle it is always a top priority.

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Uses of Dry Ice

Used In Cooling Equipment

Some equipment such as air conditioners, misting fans … often use dry ice to cool the air more than usual. However, you should not abuse dry ice too much, because the moisture of the ice will not be good for health.

Food Cooling

If you want to preserve vegetables, seafood, etc., use dry ice to preserve food to avoid harmful bacteria and mold.

Surface Cleaning

In industry, dry ice is used to clean dirt, grease stains on the surface of machines quickly. With the CO2 blasting method, you don’t need to spend time disassembling the equipment.

Create Beautiful Effects

Dry ice when it meets water will create a white mist. Therefore, at luxury parties, people often use dry ice to decorate the stage. In bars often use dry ice to mix, creating effects for drinks more attractive.


Dry ice creates a beautiful effect for drinks (Photo: Internet)

Miniaturizing metal shafts

Brass or other metal bushings are put on dry ice to shrink them so that they will fit inside the shaft bore. When these bushings warm up again, they expand and become extremely snug.

Notes When Using Dry Ice

Here are the mistakes you need to avoid when using dry ice that the baristas want you to be aware of.

Storing Dry Ice Too Soon Before Using It

If it is not yet time to use dry ice, it is best not to buy or stock them too soon, if not stored carefully, it can be dangerous and cause them to melt quickly.

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Advice for you in this case: Plan the proper and necessary use of a dry rock right before you need it. Only buy dry ice about 2-4 hours before it is needed to start work or event is the most perfect.

Let Dry Ice Come In Contact With Skin

As mentioned, dry ice is very cold if exposed to them for more than 10 seconds, your skin is at risk of serious burns. The same can happen to the mouth if you accidentally come into contact with ice while enjoying a cocktail that uses dry ice to create a smoke effect.

Advice for you: Use rubber, cotton gloves, cloth pads or tongs when handling, handle dry bandages. And when using dry ice in drinks, be absolutely careful or remind others not to let their lips touch the ice or burn. At the same time, do not swallow dry ice, they will burn the esophagus and stomach, causing very dangerous pain.

Store Dry Ice In The Freezer Or Closet

If you store dry ice in the freezer, they will melt quickly, because the temperature in the freezer is much warmer than that of dry ice. And if you store it in a closed cabinet, the pressure of the gas can burst or explode all.


Use rubber gloves, cotton yarn, cloth padsor clamp when exposed, hold dry ice (Photo: Internet)

Follow this advice: The best place to store dry ice is in a styrofoam or insulated container, in a cool, well-ventilated area. In particular, the container should not be completely sealed, this will help maintain the temperature of the ice, so that the gas can easily escape and always ensure safety.

Using Dry Ice In An Unventilated Area

Because dry ice is made of carbon dioxide, although it is not toxic, when it evaporates it turns to a gas it can change the chemistry of the air such as reducing the oxygen concentration in the room. This can be dangerous if the tape is used in an enclosed space.

Helpful Tip: Make sure you’re using the dry ice in a well-ventilated, ventilated room space. It is best to place them in an area near an open window to ensure that there is air circulation.

Leave Dry Ice With Leftovers In The Sink Or Garbage

After a party often makes us feel tired and want to sleep well. However, if you want to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones, the best advice for you is to spend some time cleaning. Absolutely do not put food, leftovers and dry ice in the sink, this can cause serious damage to your sink. In addition, you should not pour dry ice into the garbage, because it is not a well-ventilated space, easy to cause gas and garbage accumulation that can lead to fire and explosion.


Do not touch or swallow dry ice, it will burn the esophagus and stomach (Photo: Internet)

Follow this advice: It’s best to let the rest of the dry ice melt in a well-ventilated space. Adding warm water will help speed up the thawing process and ensure absolute safety.

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In fact, dry ice will not affect health or cause danger if we know how to store and use it properly. Hopefully, the article that Eurasian Mixing Instructor has just shared about What is dry ice can provide you with some useful knowledge, to make the use of dry ice easier, more useful and special. Especially not harmful when used.


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