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What disease is Duphaston indicated for? What is the dose of the drug? Before taking the drug, people need to correctly answer the above questions.

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How does Duphaston work?

Duphaston It is often prescribed by doctors to treat menstrual disorders in women because of a lack of Progesterone in the body. This substance is known to be an essential chemical for the maintenance of the health of the skin lining in the womb, the lining of the uterus for women – the essence of pregnancy.


How does Duphaston work?

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Normally, levels of Progesterone will be produced during a certain point in the month, when it will make the uterus comfortable after the embryo is fertilized.

In any case, the embryo will develop and the Progesterone level will drop, then the body will start shedding the lining of the uterus, this is the cause of the menstrual cycle taking place in the next month. with women.

Therefore, at any time using Duphaston, then it will have the effect of regulating the body process of women with lower levels of Progesterone in the normal range. This process is to maintain a healthier body.

Notes and side effects when using Duphaston

* Note before taking Duphaston medicine

Before taking Duphaston, people need to better understand the drug as well as the treatment for different conditions related to Progesterone production in the body.

Duphaston has the ability to produce the necessary amount of hormones to maintain health in cases of experiencing abdominal pain, bleeding during pregnancy / a history of miscarriage or miscarriage in those who are pregnant. time ago.

Duphaston also has the ability to relieve severe cramps during the menstrual cycle / has the ability to regulate the menstrual cycle because of the lack of Progesterone in the body.

Duphaston There is also the ability to treat subjects with endometriosis (this is considered an inflammatory syndrome of the uterine lining), then it will help regulate irregular menstrual cycles.

Duphaston drug also helps stabilize Progesterone levels in the body, so it is effective in treating premenstrual syndrome.

Duphaston also has the ability to prevent overgrowth of the endometrium caused by estrogen replacement therapy.

Duphaston is also prescribed by doctors to treat infertility in women by normalizing the level of Progesterone, which is needed by pregnant women.

* Side effects when taking Duphaston

While taking Duphaston medicine can cause some side effects that affect health conditions such as:


Duphaston side effects

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– Causes nausea.

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– Headache;

– Abdominal pain.

– Unusual yellowing of the skin.

Skin side effects.

For pregnant women, it is not clear how to use the drug. It is best for everyone to discuss carefully with their doctors about the dose before intending to use the drug Duphaston.

A small amount of Duphaston can pass into breast milk, consult your doctor before taking the drug to ensure the health of mother and baby.

Duphaston is contraindicated

Some cases Duphaston will be contraindicated in order to affect the health status and not be able to treat the disease completely, specifically:

+ Subjects who are allergic to the ingredients of the drug Duphaston. Please read and refer to the information about the composition of the drug on the packaging.

+ Women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant in case without discussing with the doctor / pharmacist.

+ Subjects with a history/family history of breast cancer, liver/kidney disease or those with carcinoma of the breast.

Frequent unusual bleeding in the genitals for no apparent reason.

Subjects with a history of thrombosis/stroke.

Duphaston is considered as one of the quite safe drugs, widely used in the treatment of diseases. However, people need to talk to their doctors specifically about the dose as well as how to take the drug safely and the appropriate dose of the drug.

Advice: Everyone please store your medicine Duphaston At room temperature is best. In addition, people should not leave the medicine in humid temperatures or people with direct sunlight, because then it will lose the effectiveness of the drug.

When you do not understand how to store people, please discuss carefully with your doctor / pharmacist about how to store properly.

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Summary of the above information related to Duphaston as well as the notes when taking the drug. This information is for reference only and does not replace the advice of doctors / pharmacists, so everyone needs to be careful.


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