What is Easter?

Symbols of Easter

On this day, people often give each other colorful decorated eggs, rabbits or slices of iconic Jambon for this holiday.

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Easter eggs

The Easter eggs are decorated with all colors. Eggs are the oldest symbol of Easter, symbolizing fertility. On this occasion, people often give each other eggs decorated with colorful colors, or made of chocolate, plaster or even wool, very eye-catching, decorated with their own hands to replace wishes. West believes that this Earth was originally hatched from a giant egg. In the Appalachian Mountains, ancient healers used to use a ripe egg, rotated on the belly of a pregnant mother, thereby predicting the future fertility of the child. The cultural symbolic role of eggs in daily life an important one. The custom of giving each other eggs has also existed in many major civilizations. Archaeological studies have proven that the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians had a custom of decorating eggs as gifts from at least 5,000 years ago. . Perhaps for these reasons, eggs are recognized as an indispensable symbol of Easter – the day that celebrates the rebirth of Jesus.

Easter bunny

Rabbit is the symbol of abundant and strong vitality. In addition to the symbol of fertility, rabbit is also a symbol of abundant and strong vitality.

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In particular, the rabbit is associated with the legend of Ostara, also known as Easter. The name of this spring goddess is used to give the name of Easter. According to legend, there was a time when the goddess brought spring to Earth late, causing all species to suffer the cold, including a dog dying bird with frozen wings. Out of compassion, Ostara transformed the bird into a pet rabbit, granting it the ability to lay eggs and the ability to run fast. With this ability, the goddess wanted the rabbit to take care of all the work of giving gifts to children in the spring. However, later on, the magic rabbit accidentally made Ostara angry. It was thrown into the sky by the god and turned into the constellation Lepus. A year, rabbits are only allowed to come down to earth once in the spring to give lovely eggs to the people on earth. Since then, the image of rabbits carrying eggs has become a special feature of the Eastern Easter holidays. West.


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