What is economic law?

What is economic law? Learn what? These are the issues that candidates must learn thoroughly before submitting their application for admission to this new major. Vietnam officially joins the World Trade Organization (WTO), followed by AEC and TPP, which will bring many opportunities as well as challenges for businesses. This is a “fertile ground” for those who are passionate about pursuing Law, especially Economic Law to serve as well as participate in the operation of enterprises. Stemming from this need, high-quality human resources Economic Law major will always be the “hundred” object of the recruiters.

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What is economic law?Economic law is a part of economic law, which is a system of legal norms promulgated by the state to regulate economic relations arising in the process of economic organization and management of the state. and in the process of production and business between business entities. Economic Law was born to maintain and settle disputes in business and commerce as well as ensure the operation process of enterprises in the business. process of exchange and trade both domestically and internationally.


Economic Law majors what? Students majoring in Economic Law are provided with in-depth knowledge and skills in law, legal practice, and business law; ability to research and handle legal issues posed in the practice of business activities of enterprises and state management of enterprises. Some key subjects in the training program of economic law: Intellectual property law, Enterprise law, Commercial law, Competition law, Non-contractual compensation obligations, Business registration and investment procedures, Bankruptcy and dispute resolution in business activities, real estate business law, investment law, construction investment law… Economic law is trained at many schools such as Hanoi Open University, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. , including the University of Economics and Finance, Ho Chi Minh City (UEF). Studying at UEF, you will have the opportunity to study and live in the best facilities, with limited class sizes, and to interact effectively with experienced lecturers in law practice, especially business law. In addition to the regularly updated curriculum according to the standards of the world’s leading universities, students majoring in Economic Law can also acquire a full range of legal knowledge in the field of economics, litigation skills in courts, international commercial arbitration, the ability to use professional languages, negotiation skills, logical thinking, etc. to achieve the highest efficiency in professional practice. school.

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In particular, right from the second year, UEF economic law students can directly participate in apprenticeships and practice experiences at law firms, Law consulting departments under enterprises and organizations. economy. At the same time, students of Economic Law are also well equipped with foreign languages, especially fluent English for legal purposes, so that they can become professional lawyers, arbitrators, and mediators. global trade environment. According to experts, TP. Ho Chi Minh City is the most vibrant area of ​​the legal profession. This is the open door for students of Economic Law to go to attractive job positions in the future. Once understood”What is Economic Law? Learn what?”, discovering the career opportunities of this major will help you to be more confident in your choice. You can see more details about the career opportunities of Economic Law in the following article:> Study What do economic law graduates do?


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