What is English background?

English is one of the most common and popular languages ​​in the world. The trend of integration, opening up, and foreign exchange in Vietnam requires each of us to fully equip ourselves with basic and necessary foreign language knowledge in our field. For real estate, English for real estate becomes an urgent requirement.

In order to facilitate the search and communication with foreign customers, today webgiaidap.com will share some vocabulary contributed to the English handbook for real estate professionals to help you easily and successfully. work in consulting foreign customers.

Project description information

Real Estate: Real estate industryProject: ProjectName of the project: Name of projectLocation: PositionInvestor: InvestorConstructors: ContractorsArchitect: ArchitectSupervisor: MonitoringReal estate agent: Real estate consulting agent

For example:

Project: Apartment & Office BuildingName of the project: Moonlight BoulevardLocation: 510 Kinh Duong Vuong St., An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan Dist., HCM CityInvestor: Hung Thinh CorporationConstructors: Hung Thinh ConstructionArchitect: Prowind’sSupervisor: Apave

About the project scale

Site area: Area of ​​the whole areaConstruction area: Construction areaGross floor area: total floor area of ​​buildingGross used floor area: Total usable floor areaDensity of building: Building densityProcedure: Handover progressLaunch time: Publication time

About the overall project

Landscape: ViewResidence: Housing, place of residenceResident: ResidentAdvantage/Conveniences/Utilities: UtilitiesVoid: Ventilation (air intake area for the building)Mezzanine: Mezzanine

Popular types of real estate


Flat / Apartment: apartment (Showflat: Model house)Semi – detached house: double house, share wall with other houseDetached house: Separate house, not sharing wallTerraced house: Houses in a row often have the same architectureCottage: House in countrysideBungalows: House with 1 ground floor, no floor, usually made of wood

Equipment, basic structure in the house

Roof: RoofShutter: Window shutterWalls: WallPorch: Covered entrance gateFront door: Main doorWindow: WindowsRoom: RoomOrientation: DirectionCeiling: ceilingFloors: FloorElectric equipment: Electrical equipmentPlumbing equipment: Water equipmentFurniture: interiorWadrobe: Wall cabinetsBalcony: BalconyChandelier: Hanging lightSinks: SinkStairs: StairsAttic: GarretDrain pipe: Water pipeChimney: Smoke vents


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