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Each part of the beef body has different characteristics and uses in the meal…

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How to divide the pieces of meat

A cow has 2 sides, divided by the backbone. Each side can be divided in half, counting from the 12th and 13th ribs, including the anterior and posterior quadrants.

The softest, easiest parts of beef are the ribs and loin, the parts that are furthest away from the horns and hoofs. In contrast, the shoulder and leg muscles are the hardest parts due to frequent movement.

Dine Out I would like to introduce the unique characteristics as well as the uses of each different part of beef.

Anterior quadrant:

1. Lean shoulder (chuck/rib eye)



This is the part between the armpit, shoulder bone, and upper leg. Lean pork shoulder is usually tough because of the many connective tissues. However, it is this that makes the shoulder meat suitable for making stews such as beef stew and roast beef. Because it has a lot of fat, it can be used to puree, make beef balls…

2. Ribs (rib)


The middle beef ribs will be used to cook traditional grilled beef ribs or French beef stew. The middle rib is quite tender, so it is also suitable for making fried dishes.

3. Brisket (beef brisket)



Beef breast or beef encrusted is the meat with tendons, or is known as “silver music”. When simmered, it will be called encrusted. Beef breast is quite tough, often used to stew or make salted beef.

The portion with more fat and tendons is commonly referred to as dandruffthe part that always appears in a traditional Vietnamese bowl of pho.

4. Bacon (beef encrusted)



This type of meat is very suitable for cooking hot pot, and the cartilage if stewed will also be very delicious.

5. Pork leg / corn (shank/shin shark)



Beef legs are often tough and have lots of connective tissue, used in fine Italian dishes such as osso buco (made by simmering the meat above the hoof with tomatoes, orange peel, celery, and pepper). …).

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The Vietnamese also divide the muscles of the front and rear legs.

– Turtle muscle: the small muscle, located between the core of the big thigh in the hind leg.

– Cabbage: The small corn is located on the front leg.

Many gourmets think that turtle corn is softer than flower corn. In Vietnam, turtle corn is more expensive than flower corn.

Rear body:

6. Short loin



Beef back is the place for the best cuts of meat. This meat is best for baking.

7. Sirloin (sirloin)



Also the tender meat, suitable for making grilled dishes to eat in outdoor parties (barbecue).

8. Tenderloin


The best part of a cow, cut from the inner back, especially at the end of the loin. It is suitable for making thick steaks, and should only be used for dry dishes such as steaming or grilling.

9. Beef flank/rib (flank)

Hip meat is usually marinated in advance to reduce the toughness when grilling. Ideally, hip meat should be used to make stews or beef balls.

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10. Tenderloin (topside)



Butt meat is the leanest part of beef, best used to cook beef porridge for children.

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