What is English combination?

Determining University entrance exam – combination of entrance examsIt is considered as a necessary step for candidates to find out before applying for admission. After the A00 group, the A01 subject group (Math – Physics – English) also received the attention of many candidates. So Combination of subjects A01 (Math – Physics – English) for major selection any?

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Mathematics – Physics – English (A01) is a combination of subjects built in 2012 to meet the enrollment needs of many new majors of universities across the country. Most of the existing majors such as Economics – Finance, Mechanics – Engineering, Languages, Law, Pedagogy, etc. all use this combination of subjects for admission.

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Choosing the combination of Maths – Physics – English, candidates can apply for university admission to all training disciplines of webgiaidap.com
At the University of Economics and Finance of Ho Chi Minh City (webgiaidap.com), in addition to the combination of subjects used for admission, are A00 (Math – Physics – Chemistry), D01 (Literature – Math – English), C00 (Literature – Literature). – History – Geography), D14 (Literature – Geography – English), D15 (Victure – History – English) there is also a combination of subjects A01 (Math – Physics – English) used for admission in many training disciplines. Candidates who choose the combination of Mathematics – Physics – English can apply for university admission to all training majors at university level. These are majors such as: Business Administration, Commercial Business, International Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Hotel Management, Tourism and Travel Service Management, Finance – Banking, Accounting Mathematics, Information Technology, Law, Economic Law, English Language, Japanese Language, Korean Language, Chinese Language or potential industries such as E-Commerce, Public Relations, International Relations , International Law, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Communication Technology… In addition to using the results of the high school graduation exam of 3 subjects Math – Physics – English to consider aspiration, candidates have more opportunities to exercise college entrance examination with the results of the 12th grade high school transcripts of these 3 subjects.Example: BILLIONStudents consider admission to the University of Accountancy (7340301) with a combination of subjects A01 (Mathematics – Physics – English), the scoring method is as follows: (GPA grade 12 Math + Grade point average of Physics class) 12 + Grade point average in English class 12) >= 18.0

In addition, in 2021, candidates can also use the 5-semester average of their high school transcripts to apply for admission to training courses at webgiaidap.com.

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