What is English communication?

You have spent a lot of effort, money and time tolearn English communicationbut still can’t communicate with native speakers, even a few simple exchanges?

16 principles of English communication shared in this article will help you understand why you are not successful?

What is the right way to learn? And how easy is it to apply it?

Just apply 16 principles of learning English communication step by step, learning English communication will be easier and simpler than ever.

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Principle 1: Define clear goals to motivate everyday English learning

Learning English will be extremely simple if there is a goal big enough and attractive enough for you.

Most people fail to learn English because the goal of learning English is not clear, the goal is general or learning for someone, not for yourself.

When you have big enough goals for yourself, you will learn English much more effectively.

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Note that:

YOU are not lazy…It’s just that you don’t have goals to motivate yourself

Make English your daily inspiration. I will guide you through very simple steps to do this:

First, take an A4 sheet of paper. Then, you find yourself a pen, if you have crayons, the better. Ok, you already have paper and pen, choose a quiet place, a peaceful place to sit. Sit down And now take a deep breath, relax your whole body, take a pen and draw yourself a board like the one below and answer the questions below. Note: the more detailed the answers, the more specific the better.


And now it’s your turn

You’ve got 17 principles in hand, it’s time to take action to change your English communication skills forever.

For your convenience, I have made a checklist below with detailed steps to make it very easy to do step by step.

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In this checklist, I also added an important rule that I did not include in this post because of the limited length. Learn more about how to learn English to communicate effectively with the chasing technique!

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