What is English planning?

Natural features Natural specification Current Status Existing conditions Urban area Urban area overview Over view High-tech Zone Hi-tech park Light industrial park Light industrial park Agricultural land Vacant agricultural land Natural condition: Natural condition Area Land plot Climatic – hydrological conditions: The condition of climate and hydrology Amount of rain Rainfall The area with average hours of sunshine per year is The average sunlight hours per year Terrain conditions The topographical condition Land for growing crops crops farming Low, low-lying terrain must respect the high ground low and hollow topography. it needs the high embankment with large amount. Engineering geology The topographical condition Geological borehole Geological drilling holes Sediment Sediment Holocene deposits Holocene sediment Lighting Clay Dusty lightning Dust clay Small sand mixed with dust Tiny sand and dust clay Very low load capacity Low bearing capacity. Pleistocene sediments Pleistocene sediment Ancient alluvium Ancient alluvial Laterite weathering phenomenon The phenomenon of weathered Laterite Urban technical infrastructure Urban technical infrastructure: Road Traffic Road transport Water transportation Waterway transport Service Road Public service road Current land use situation The existing condition of land use Rural land Land for living in rural area Other specialized land Land for other purposes Land of ponds and canals Pond & canal land Traffic land (dyke): Transport land (dyke): Jungle land Forestland Agricultural land (growing fragrant): Agricultural land (pineapple growing): Current status of population The existing condition of residents Land for agricultural and forestry production The land of agricultural and forestry production Key economic region Focal economic zone Synchronous construction planning The synchronous planning and construction Planning area Planning area High corrugated iron High embankment. PLAN THE PLANNING PROJECT DETAILED PLANNING DETAILED PLANNING Ecological Park Ecological park Red line only Red boundary line Construction boundaries Construction boundary line Economic – technical indicators Economic – technical planning parameters Criteria for civil land use (according to standards): The planning parameter for civil land use (as per standard): Landscape Residential area Land for public works, services Public, service area Land for traffic, squares, and yards Transportation, square, station area Green land Green area Technical infrastructure indicators The planning parameter for technical infrastructure Only lack of power supply Power supply planning parameters Average building height The average construction height Residential area The civil area Building density The construction density Townhouse Private house Townhouses Row house Duplexes Semi-detached house Villa Villa Apartment Tenement PLANNING STRUCTURE THE PLANNING STRUCTURE: Functional subdivision The functional zoning Unit in Residential unit Floor leveling Land leveling Town house subdivision. Private house allotting area. Land for subdivision of townhouses. Row house allotting area. Land for garden house plot – garden villa. Garden house – garden villa allotting area. Land for construction of high-rise apartment buildings. High rise tenement area. Residential land combined with commercial services. Trade, services and residential complex area. Cultural land.

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Cultural area. Administrative land. Administration area. Medical land. Healthcare area. Education land. Education area. Public service area. Public service area. Sports and Exercises area. Sports area. Green park land. Green park area. Land for technical focal works. Technical focal works area. Land for construction of technical infrastructure: parking area, traffic system.

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Technical infrastructure construction area: regional parking space, transportation system.

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