What is English punctuation?

Punctuation marks in English are used the same way as in Vietnamese, so many of you are not interested in knowing the English names of these punctuation marks. However, many of us in communication or in work use it.

So today webgiaidap.com English School Please share with you the summary table 40 common punctuation marks in Englishhope it helps readers.


Let’s find out together!

. dots dot
comma comma
. punctuation mark at the end of a sentence period
… three-pointed sign Ellipsis
: colon colon
; semi-colon semicolon
! exclamation marks exclamation mark
? question mark question mark
– dash hyphen
‘ upper right comma apostrophe
– long dash dash
‘ ‘ single quote mark single quotation mark
” ” double quote mark double quotation marks
( ) bracket parenthesis (or ‘brackets’)
< > square brackets square brackets
& ampersand amperand
→ arrow mark arrow
+ plus sign plus
– minus minus
± plus or minus sign plus or minus
× multiplication sign is multiplied by
division sign is divided by
= equal sign is equal to
other sign is not equal to
duplicate sign is equivalent to
bigger is more than
≤ less than or equal to sign is less than or equal to
≥ greater than or equal to sign is more than or equal to
% percent percent
infinity infinity
° degrees degree
°C degrees C degree(s) Celsius
minute icon minute
“seconds icon second
# number symbol number
shackle at
right slash back slash
/ left slash slash or forward slash
* asterisk asterisk

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