What is English transcript?

Bankervn would like to share the form of translating primary school transcripts into English, also known as the translation form of primary school transcripts into English. This is a necessary document when applying for a scholarship or applying for a student visa abroad.

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What is the primary school transcript translated into English? School report card: SCHOOL RECORD Primary school: PRIMARY SCHOOL Translation form of Level 1 report card into English

In the process of working, Bankervn often encounters 3 samples of primary school transcripts. Cover page, page 1 may be similar, but starting from page 2 will be different in content and presentation.

Form 1. Download: download

Illustration: Page 2 sample 1

Form 2. Download: download

Illustration: Page 2 sample 2

Form 3. Download: download

Illustration: Page 2 template 3

If you are applying for a student visa and need the support of the service, please contact Bankervn Visa Service. With experience in consulting and handling documents of more than 10,000 domestic and foreign customers, we are always ready to support you most enthusiastically.

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