What is English transfer?

What is English transfer – What is payment by English transfer called?

When someone asks me what is your favorite action that other people do for you, I do not hesitate to say: “That’s when they transfer the money to me”.

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So what is wire transfer?

Wire transfer is the act of transferring money from one bank account to another using InteBanking or directly at a bank. A wire transfer is when you make a transaction with money that you cannot meet in person to give to the recipient. Now, the transfer is easier and easier with InteBanking, with just a few simple steps, you have successfully transferred.


What is English transfer?

Some banks after transferring money receive a notification that the other party has received but has not yet withdrawn, but there are some banks when the message arrives, the transfer is successful and you can also withdraw money. But also wait about 15-30 minutes before withdrawing for the money transfer to be done successfully.

Most banks charge a fee when transferring money, usually 8,8 thousand VND or sometimes up to 11 thousand VND. If you use Timo (under VP Bank), you will not lose money transferred or withdrawn. Because if we often transfer money, it is very unfortunate to lose such small amounts of money.

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What is wire transfer in english?

In the current 4.0 technology era, the transfer is increasingly simple and easy. Most people have a bank card so they can transfer money to each other. Easy transaction, simple operation and limited to holding cash, why don’t we use it right?

With the growing Internet network today, looking up vocabulary is even easier. But I still want to introduce to you about the transfer word that I found out:

Transfer money /trænsˈfɜːr ˈmʌn.i/ – verb

Some related words

Open an account: open an account

Receive a statement: receive a statement

Apply for a credit card: apply for a credit card

Pay bills: pay bills

Some examples with the word transfer

I have just transferred money for you. – I just transferred the account to you.

If you want to receive this goods, you must transfer money for me. – If you receive these items, you must transfer the money to me.

In The Industrial Revolution 4.0, transferred money is very convenient and easy – In the industrial revolution 4.0, transferring money is very convenient and easy.

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Above is some information about the word transfer, some operations you can do at the bank, and some examples with the word transfer. I hope that through this article, I will help you understand better to use words effectively and reasonably.

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