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Table of Contents1. Why is it cold or peeing?

When it is cold, the blood vessels tend to constrict so as not to lose body heat, so the amount of water in the body will be filtered more and pushed through the bladder, so the frequency of urination will be more than usual. In hot weather, on the contrary, the blood will dilate to cool the body along with sweat glands creating sweat to cool the body, so in hot weather we urinate less.

2. Why do we sometimes see the moon during the day?

We see the moon when it is far from the sun, but at night when the sun goes down, the moon will be far away from the sun, so the moon will come up.

Our earth revolves around the sun, and the moon revolves around the earth in an almost certain period. But these cycles are also slightly off, so there will be times when the moon is far away from the sun when the sun is up.

At these times, if the sky is clear, the moon can be seen.

3. What does the $ riangleq $ sign in math mean?

Sometimes we see that instead of using $ = $, people use $ riangleq $ to represent equality, but what is the difference?

The difference here is that $riangleq $ represents more than just equal definition. Of course it still means equal.

For example, when it is said that: The probability of event $A$ after knowing event $B$ is defined as… then $ riangleq $ will now be used:

$$ P(A|B) riangleq fracP(A cap B)P(B) $$

And if it says: The probability of event $A$ after knowing event $B$ is… then a mere $ = $ sign will be used:

$$ P(A|B) = fracP(A cap B)P(B) $$

In addition to the $ riangleq $ sign, people also use the $ overset extdef= $ notation to represent the meaning of the performance. But the word def is an English word, so sometimes people prefer to use the purely mathematical notation $ riangle $.

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4. What is an aircraft black box?

The aircraft black box is a device that stores flight information of an aircraft. Called a black box, but usually it has a yellow color inside with memory and processing chips to continuously collect and store all the information on the plane. In addition, it also has a recorder, recording all sounds in the cockpit such as pilot conversations.

The black box is specially designed to make it very difficult to destroy so that it can be kept safe in the event of a plane crash. It is also usually placed in the rear of the aircraft, where it is least affected by the destruction of the aircraft.

Thus, it can be seen that the black box is a particularly important device on the plane, helping us to analyze the cause of the plane’s malfunction. However, the search for the black box always takes a long time, possibly not being found after the incident. So why are people not suggesting other solutions such as tracking information directly through the connection with satellites? The answer is that aircraft rarely have accidents, and the cost of operating an aircraft via such a satellite is extremely expensive. So people still prefer the black box.

5. Symbol et al. What is in the articles?

In journals and scientific journals, the reference sections are often marked with the symbol et al. followed by the author’s name such as Rumelhart, et al. such as. This notation means and others, which refers to the same number of other colleagues. The origin of this symbol comes from the Latin et alii and et aliea.

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The purpose of this notation is to shorten the quotation, refer to other articles. However, not all journals and conferences accept the use of this notation. So before posting, it is necessary to check the requirements of the journal and conference specifically.

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